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    Is There A List Of Working At Full Speed Fba2X Games?

    Just wondering if there's a list of FBA2X compatible games that work at full speed? I found this list (compatible games but it doesnt indicate if they run at full speed or not. No worries if there's not a list - I'll just have to work my way through them all. cheers
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    Which Mc68000/z80 Emulator Lets You Rotate The Screen?

    nope - the youtube link deffinitely says fba2x. is there a way to get donpachi working in mame then??
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    Which Mc68000/z80 Emulator Lets You Rotate The Screen?

    I've tried that one but there are no screen rotation options that I could find. Could you tell me exactly where in that emulator the screen rotation options are??
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    Which Mc68000/z80 Emulator Lets You Rotate The Screen?

    I've got the capex fba2x emulator on my wiz but on certain games (donpachi, dodonpachi etc) the screen is rotated. it works fine but holding the wiz rotated with the button layout is very uncomfortable. Can anyone point me in the direction of a MC68000/Z80 emulator that lets you rotate the...
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    How Do You Set Up Favourites And Adjust Dip Switches In Mame4All?

    There must be a way of doing this surely?? I've got some games that don't let me continue or are too easy and loads of games I want to assign as favourites.
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    Final Burn - How Do You Rotate The Screen And Configure Buttons?

    I've just installed capex finalburn. Put donpachi on and it works a treat. I want to rotate the screen and configure better keys. Can anyone tell me how to do this?? Thanks in advance
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    Just Received My Gp2X Wiz

    Thanks. I'll give that a go. If I have any probs I'll post in the Help section.
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    Just Received My Gp2X Wiz

    I've erased everything from the NAND memory (I made a backup first). Problem now is that after copying Animatch back to the NAND a) it doesnt show up in the buil-in games menu and B) if I try and load it from the launcher it won't load. any ideas?
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    Just Received My Gp2X Wiz

    Hi all. I've just received my GP2X WIZ. I got it from CEX.CO.UK and so far it looks like a fantastic handheld. I've got a few initial questions I was hoping you might be able to help me with: 1. How do you switch between the SD card and the NAND memory? 2. Can I erase the NAND memory in...