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    CSBwin Source

    Hi I have ported CSBwin to AROS on a request but have no sound as it requires a specific library. I saw on the topic here that the Pandora port had the sound routines mapped to SDL_MIXER but the links to the source no longer work...
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    Implementation of FIR filters (for scanline effect)

    Hi I'm trying to use the hardware filter to create a scanline effect in FBA.  I don't really know what I'm doing but through luck rather than judgement I've got it working for 2x scaling using the following. Simple Scanlines #up_h   0   0 128   0   0   0   0 128   0   0   0   0 128   0   0  ...
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    Release Audacity V2.0.2

    Managed to build a stable version of Audacity V2.0.2 for Pandora. Get it from the repo. *pretty sure* all required libs are bundled (it loads on a vanilla pandora) but there are a lot of features and I haven't tested them all. I had to choose ALSA as the playback device, OSS doesn't seem to...
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    Release Myth-TV Compiled and Working - Cannot PND Though

    Hi I thought it might be fun to have the Pandora acting as a PVR, a 32gb card should provide storage for a few standard def programs. After fighting my way through dependency hell I've managed to get it working. The issue I have though is how to configure it in a way that is PND friendly...
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    Release Audacity 2.0.0

    I wanted an copy of Audacity and couldn't find it in the pnd store so tried porting it myself. Only when I came here to make a post did I notice a version has already been ported! Anyway, I've got V2.0.0 to build and run, the only problem is that it segfaults after playing a track (everything...
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    Gravity Force Remake

    Here is my remake of Gravity Force ported to the Caanoo. Get it here Enjoy Dave
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    Caanoo / WIZ Caanoo Toolchain Issues

    Hi I was hoping for some help with GNU compiler and some strange issues I've been having. If I compile FBA using x86 GNU G++ (v4.4.1) on my Windows PC using MinGW everything works fine and all games run. If I compile natively on the Pandora (G++ V4.3.3 for ARM) almost everything works apart...
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    Caanoo / WIZ Caanoo And Usbnet

    Hi I hoping someone might be able to help. I'm trying to make it easier to debug FBA by ssh-ing into the Caanoo from my PC. I've loaded a fresh install of Ubuntu and followed the guidance here When I look at the wired connections I can see Wired Connection (Linux 2.6.24/lf1000 udc Caanoo...
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    Fba V0.2.97.24 For Caanoo

    Hi BA Felton kindly donated me his Caanoo and asked if I would port my version of FBA from the Pandora. I've got the first beta to a point where it is good for testing, I've uploaded it to here I've included several scaling options, obviously most scale down so you will lose...
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    Amending fstab file

    I'm encountering problems whereby mounted SD cards are read only to everyone other than root. As they are fat32 I can't change permissions through chmod. A quick google search suggests adding this line to fstab /dev/sda4 /windows/RW vfat rw,fat=32,umask=000,noexec,quiet 1 1 I'm pretty...
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    Solving the cursed ncurses issue

    I run the OS from sdcard so I can install package such as dev tools etc, but always live in fear of a package having a ncurses dependency that would trash the os (mainly by breaking xcfe-terminal it seems). I know the repository is unstable but it was driving me mad. Anyway, after a lot of...
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    Edimax EW-7811UN Wi-Fi Adaptor

    Hi, I've just ordered an Edimax EW-7811UN Wi-Fi 150Mbps Mini USB Adapter as its small size would be perfect for the Pandora, my wifi chip works but is rather slow and I want a better solution. Has anyone had managed to get one of these working, if so does anything extra need to be installed...
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    Release Gravity Force

    Hi I've uploaded my remake of Gravity Force into the repo. It's been updated to include all game modes. You can define controls by pressing select on the title screen and use external joysticks. If you change the input device make sure you press B to define controls afterwards. There are...
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    Installing Dev Tools on HF6

    Hi I wanted to install dev tools onto the NAND using Torpor's method as described here http://pandorawiki.o..._on_the_Pandora However as the guide now warns, this method breaks the OS in more recent versions (it can't execute login, I think it's an issue to do with the terminal being...
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    Release Gravity Force Remake

    PND'd up my remake of Gravity Force. Get it here Enjoy :)
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    Release Zx Pandy Released

    I've ported across my old Spectrum emulator that I first wrote for the GP32. It's available on Pandora File Archive here It uses Notaz's SDL for full screen and hardware scaling (thanks for the advice on using the fb for vsync) and will try to change the LCD refresh rate to 50hz (but changes...
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    Is this a faulty unit?

    Hi I've been playing with my Pandora for a month and a half now and have experienced some issues, some of which are severe enough to make me believe I should return my unit. I thought I'd see if my issues were commonplace (and possibly something to put up with) or far worse than most users...
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    Help Remote Debugging

    Hi I'm fed up keep having to transfer files to the SD card and rebooting the Wiz everytime I want to test a build and some searching suggests I should be able to open a Wiz shell on my PC and copy the files and execute them remotely. Most of the topics about this expect a certain knowledge of...
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    Zxgp2X For Wiz

    I've converted my GP32 ZX Spectrum to SDL and ported it to the GP2X and Wiz. Only tested on the Wiz as I no longer have a GP2X. Get the Wiz version here here The GP2X version should be available here once the new file is processed. (Currently points to an old file). Enjoy
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    Sdl Problem Reading Diagonal Input

    I'm using a standard SDL input polling routine to parse all events until the buffer is empty. Problem is that if a diagonal is pressed SDL does not appear to poll two events, one for each direction, but instead polls one event according to the diagram below. 1 0 7 2 + 6 3 4 5 I'm sure all...