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    Halo 2

    I'm surprised there hasn't been a thread about it already but I'm sure loads of you have it. Reckon it's worth buying for someone who thought the first one was average? Edit: Duh, why didn't I put this in other consoles?
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    Sf2 Fans

    If you haven't alredy seen it check this out: The way the crowd react you'd think it was something important... like football!
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    Fantasy Football Go here and create a team then join the mini-league: League name: GP32x Password: swosrules If no one joins it'll be a very sad mini-league...
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    Selling Gameboy/colour/advance Stuff

    I'm selling my GBA and some games including Cannon Fodder for GBC (which I'm very sad to see go but what's the point if I have nothing to play it on...). I doubt any of you want any of this stuff but I thought I'd post here just in case...
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    First Working Dc Emulator So I have a DC next to my PC but that's not the point!
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    Calling All German Speakers

    I had PeerGuardian running and it blocked this site loads. My one year of German wasn't quite good enough to tell me anything. So what the hell is this?
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    Fox Reporting On The Bbc

    Those of you who get B3ta newsletters may have seen this, I can't believe this went on air. :P
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    Ultima 7

    I don't know if anyone else is as big a fan of the two Ultima 7 games as me but this site: has the source for a sort of Ultima 7 emulator, it would be a great port if anyone can do it. They are just the best RPGs ever.