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    iParty Project | Casual Gaming in OpenPandora

    Hi all, I'm Alvaro Martin, CTO of 5 Infinity. We have developed the basis of a project aimed at Casual Gaming highly customizable, for that we want in the development stage to customize the final content as users want. We oriented the product crowdfunding and hope to make a very special product...
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    Android APK

    Hi there, I tried to find some info about how to run APK in OpenPandora. Is possible to run games with OpenPandora with Android OS? The problem is that if I use Unity4 for make the game how can I run this game in OpenPandora. With Android emu? Flash? How to use keyboard and sticks in my game...
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    How To Cancel My Order

    Hi all. I want to cancel my order and get my money back. I sent an e-mail to: Openpandora Sales <> Pandora Orders <> But I have no answer. This e-mails are active? I sent to this e-mail my re-found last time. Thanks in advance.
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    Nss Engine, Gui & Stylesheet Video!

    :D hi there! The video of the new demo is available now! :) Blog: Vimeo: Any comments? :rolleyes:
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    New Demo Of Nss Engine, Stylesheet And Widgets

    Hi all! I have in download page of my personal blog, a demo version of NSS Engine style sheet with 2 sided 3D widgets and a crazy No Siesta Logo. You can modify the graphic in the folder data/GUI/ and reloading the application, really I change this in real time without problem, but the...
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    Pandora No Siesta Studios Projects On Openpandora

    Hi there OpenPandora comunity! I have great news today, No Siesta Studios will make a port of NSS Engine for OpenPandora. The strategy of our company is release multiplatform games for Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux and now for OpenPandora officially. We are doing a public wiki at...
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    Sales Error in payment

    All it's ok but in the final step, the server show this error: Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error...
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    For Any Moderator (move Topics)

    Hi! I was talk with Craig about my projects and he say it is better make topics in General Forum. Please, can any moderator move my 2 topics about my projects to General forum? Thanks so...
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    Nss Engine New Creature

    Hello ! I'm finished new creature dialog of NSS Engine Game Editor of my future Open Pandora's NSS Engine client New Creature Dialog - Preview Tab: With right mouse click it is possible rotate the object in Y and X coord, moving mouse horizontally and vertically respectively. Zoom with mouse...
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    Pandora It Is Possible To Add In Open Pandora The Key "Ñ"

    It is possible to add in Open Pandora the key "Ñ" for spanish people? :huh:
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    Nss Engine And Game Editor

    Hi ! I'm Alvaro Martin and I'm a professional developer of video game industry. I'm Lead Programmer. I'm currently under Game Editor development of my Engine. This engine ( No Siesta Studios Engine ) is under development too but at now is waiting for Game Editor Release Candidate. My web site...
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    Microprocessor And Pixel Shader Version

    Hi there, I'm professional video game developer and I like some information about Open Pandora hardware :) Open Pandora graphic card: Which Pixel Shader version? Microprocessor: it's a single microprocessor, isn't it? and..., it is possible to know the equivalence in "Intel or AMD x86...