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    Final Keyboard Layout

    oh, i'd love to see the finished layout - on a finished pandora! otherwise, i agree. no need to publish it separately. hopefully, we'll see what it looks like soon enough...
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    About ÆØÅ

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    About ÆØÅ

    if your customers can deal with you doing your business correspondence on a handheld gaming device, they will also cope without umlauts :D but seriously: as others have pointed out, keyboards are mappable, there is also a software keyboard, and special characters can be created using...
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    About ÆØÅ

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    About ÆØÅ

    oh come on, that's just not true. you can easily replace them, just like you would do in a german crossword puzzle: "ä" by "ae", "ö" by "oe", "ü" by ue", "ß" by "ss" (or more accurately, by "sz"). german is my first language, and i never use any of those special characters in emails. back when...
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    Poll: Do You Like Keybord Font.

    while the bit about the spelling reform is bs (well, in switzerland they actually did do away with the "ß" at some point, but not in austria or germany - and there is no way that either of us will let go of our beloved umlauts any time soon), i do agree with the last bit: i don't think we really...
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    Dec Update

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    Suggestion: Pandora Torture Test

    will it blend?
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    I Need A Gadget To Tide Me Over Till The Pandora!

    snemulds works ok. not perfect, but perfectly usable. at least with super r-type and micromachines (that's the two snes games that i play most on my ds lite)
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    I Need A Gadget To Tide Me Over Till The Pandora!

    neat. although probably not ideal for max standing behind his service counter - might raise a few eyebrows among his customers :D
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    I Need A Gadget To Tide Me Over Till The Pandora!

    +1 i recently got a ds lite + r4ds and i'm loving it. there is a great homebrew port of lemmings, for example. works great with the touchscreen. and since you mentioned monkey island in your original post: there is scummvm, too, of course. haven't tried that yet, though. oh, and should you...
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    Internet Radio

    i'm not sure, but i suppose mplayer can also handle mp3 and wma audio streams. but i wouldn't mind a dedicated web radio player, either. something nice and simple like fstream for iphone...
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    What The?

    yes, why not let's lock all threads - it's going to be nice and quiet afterwards! seriously though, i too have a feeling that thread locking has been a little excessive recently. i hope our mods relax a little and regain their patience to wait for threads to reach their natural end. i don't...
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    Why Fixed Price In Dollars?

    i wasn't blaming anyone. i was only voicing my concern that a price increase like this may serioulsy harm pandora sales in the euro zone. it will not be as popular as it might have become at the old price. god, the amount of fanboyism in these forums is nearing psp levels. some posts are...
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    Why Fixed Price In Dollars?

    trouble is, at today's exchange rate, 339 usd would amount to 265 euros - excluding tax! add german v.a.t., and the price for a 2nd batch pandora would be 315 euros - quite a stunning price increase compared to the 249 euros (including v.a.t.) price tag of the first batch. i very much doubt...
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    What Gadgets You Own Are Going To Be Replaced By Pandora?

    it's going to replace my gp2x. it's not going to replace my ds, at least not in the near future. the ds might eventually go if and when it will be possible to run ds-10 and glitchds (or clones thereof) on pandora. same for my ipod touch: i will keep that as well - unless there will be some...
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    Playstation Emulation Info/help Needed

    you might want to check this thread on psx files in the other forums for more info.
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    Touchscreen Info.

    hooray indeed! i've always kind of expected that there would be some cool music apps for the pandora, but i never thought it would start this early! personally, i'm more interested in sequencing tools like glitch ds, cellds, or maybe even a tiction clone. also a midi processing tool like midi...