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  1. Magic Sam

    Release Barony: Blessed Addition

    Hi all :) @ptitSeb : do you think this game would benefit from the extra power of the Pyra ? Cheers, Magic Sam
  2. Magic Sam

    The Future of Pyra's CPU

    Hi all, Do we have any news regarding the upgradable CPU ? I for one wouldn't mind a SOC with a Mali GPU, at least this one has open source drivers:
  3. Magic Sam

    Release Emu EX Plus Alpha

    Hi all, Do you know whether Saturn.emu supports roms in *.mdf / *.mds format ? I just tried to play Nights into Dreams and it failed to see the roms in those formats. It couldn't open the ZIP archive either. I'm lacking a Saturn BIOS file at the moment, so that may explain why. Cheers, Magic Sam
  4. Magic Sam

    Just a quick status report video

    Hi all, @EvilDragon : thank you for the update, really appreciated :) I hope you and Lady Dragon are doing fine and that you managed to take some time off during the summer break. Cheers, Magic Sam
  5. Magic Sam

    battery only reaches 87%

    Hi all, Same here, I can barely reach 80%. And the battery widget currently tells me that I have 4 hours and 35 minutes left, with battery charged at 78%. Cheers, Magic Sam
  6. Magic Sam

    The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

    Hi all :) I'm currently listening to Senjutsu, the last Iron Maiden album, out today (September 3rd, 2021): Cheers, Magic Sam
  7. Magic Sam

    Port Requests

    Hi all :) Wouldn't it be great to play Retroguru's games on the Pyra ? @Pickle : a job for you ? ;) Cheers, Magic Sam
  8. Magic Sam

    Release Zoom - a Zmachine interpreter

    Hi again ! Just started a new game at :) Feel free to join ! The name is: I'm looking forward to playing this game with my fellow Pandorians and Pyrates ! Cheers, Magic Sam
  9. Magic Sam

    Release Zoom - a Zmachine interpreter

    Hi all :) I hope you'll find this piece of news interesting: And also that one: Cheers, Magic Sam
  10. Magic Sam

    Current State of the Pyra

    Hi all, Any idea where the sound issue is coming from ? I have to exit almost every game I'm trying to play in order to get rid of it... :( Cheers, Magic Sam
  11. Magic Sam

    Release Serious Sam The Second Encounter (Full & Demo)

    It's now working like a charm on my Pyra, thank you very much @ptitSeb :) Cheers, Magic Sam
  12. Magic Sam

    Release Serious Sam The Second Encounter (Full & Demo)

    I can confirm the Bin directory is NOT present in appdata/serioussam_tse, as per your README file :) Cheers, Magic Sam
  13. Magic Sam

    Release Serious Sam The Second Encounter (Full & Demo)

    Hi all, @ptitSeb : thank you once again for all your hard work, really appreciated :) The game refuses to start, for now: samuel@pyra:/tmp/dbpout$ more dbprun-serioussam_tse-stderr.log cp: cannot stat '/mnt/dbp/union/serioussam_tse/pyrainput.sav': No such file or directory...
  14. Magic Sam

    FAQ Suggestions

    Hi all :) Another suggestion for the FAQ: why does the Pyra refuse to boot when an unbootable SD card is inserted in the left slot ? I remember reading the answer somewhere but I can't find it at the moment. Regarding my charging issues, I bought a new 2.4A charger some days ago. It still...
  15. Magic Sam

    Release Puzzle Moppet

    Hi all, @ptitSeb : any plans to bring this great game to the Pyra ? ;) Cheers, Magic Sam
  16. Magic Sam

    Current State of the Pyra

    Hi all, +1 for the sound issue... Had this one a couple of times on my unit. Regarding the rumble functionality, is there a way to test whether it's working properly or not (via some CLI command perhaps) ? Cheers, Magic Sam
  17. Magic Sam

    One DBP a Day!

    Hi all, @aTc : thanks, that's nice to hear :) @Wally : got your message on Discord ;) So back to the original topic: thank you very much @ptitSeb for all those recent releases !!! :D Cheers, Magic Sam
  18. Magic Sam

    Release Tread Marks

    Hi all, @ptitSeb : thanks again for all your hard work, really appreciated :) I had to install some SFML libraries + libglew2.1 package from the Debian repositories to get this one to start. That game seems to be working perfectly on the Pyra :) Cheers, Magic Sam
  19. Magic Sam

    One DBP a Day!

    Hi all ! @aTc : thank you for this detailed answer, really appreciated :) Is there anything we can do as a community ? Would asking for help to people at TI, Imagination Technologies, Linux mailing-lists do any good ? Cheers, Magic Sam P.S: sorry for derailing this topic. Moderators can move...
  20. Magic Sam

    Heat Spreader Performance and Overclocking

    Hi all, I bought an infrared thermometer this week-end (PangaO PG-IRT1602). I deleted @ptitSeb 's VDrift package and downloaded it again to the SD card. The Pyra was freshly booted and rested on a cool surface (i.e not in my hands). Temperature this morning in my flat is ~25 C. I measured the...