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    When The Pandora Cums

    I just wanted to say to all the people who want silkscreening skipped for the Pandora to be released faster that this isn't a good idea at all. Releasing it without silkscreen would be like releasing a half finished Pandora. Too many other consoles skip important steps and come way too early...
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    Knob Polisher

    Hi all. I've been thinking about creating a game for the Pandora for a while, and now I think I'm ready to unveil my plans. Now I don't exactly know much "code" for programming games, but I do know how to use game maker and am very handy with a knife (blade of 3 inches or shorter). I may need...
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    Avatar changing

    For some reason when I try to change my avatar it says that the function is disabled. This one is from a while back and I was hoping to update it. Any idea on when it'll be fixed? Edit: Also you can't click on people's names to go to their profile. Not sure how that could be fixed.
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    Tom Ammiano To Legalize Pot

    Tom Ammiano (D) introduced a bill yesterday to legalize Marijuana for recreational use in California. If passed, the bill will 'remove all penalties in California law on cultivation, transportation, sale, purchase, possession, or use of marijuana, natural THC, or paraphernalia for persons over...
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    Help Installing Linux?

    I'm thinking of trying out Ubuntu on my home computer, but I don't want to get rid of Windows and have to reinstall that, so I'm thinking of trying to install it on a 4GB usb drive I have. As I said in the topic title, I have no idea of what I'm doing. Any good guides out there (I seem to only...
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    Pandora Wiki

    QUOTE Due to a banking debocle and component sourcing issue, a seemingly fraudulent exchange rate conspiracy cuased those that pre-ordered to be Nifonged out of a significant amount of cash for services never rendered. At present, it is as good as vaporware, and by the time it comes out, will be...
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    Scribblenauts (ds)

    Comes out in about a year. (Sorry about ad-infested IGN link, doesn't seem to have official homepage yet)
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    Old Arcade Games

    What's the name of the emulator for old arcade games like Ninja Turtles? I used to have it on my Xbox, and was wondering if it would be ported.
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    On the Main Page under Latest News I found this: I'm so happy I beat everyone else to it :)
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    Ds Homebrew Games

    I have a Nintendo DS Lite, which I got about 3 years ago and modded (with Supercard). Since then, I have only used it for emulation but have become interested in homebrew apps and games. I was wondering which ones you guys consider best.
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    Web Browsing

    Will the Pandora be able to run just about any website that I can run with Firefox, or will there be limits?
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    Left 4 Dead Is anyone else thinking about getting it? I for one am pretty excited about it (seeing as it's from the creators of Half-Life).
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    Question On Compatibility

    I was thinking of getting one of these and was wondering if it would work on the pandora too:
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    A Few Questions About The Pandora

    1. Is the Pandora going to have an easy-to-use interface? If it does, will it have things like tab-switching between different windows? 2. Where will I be able to buy it? Do I have to order it off the website? 3. Can I buy an external hard drive and use it with the Pandora? I am an idiot...