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  1. Ernest

    The Best Amiga Games.

    Ive searched and havent found a favourite amiga games thread, so i thought id start one. Well, what are your favourite amiga games then?
  2. Ernest

    Capcom And Snk Fighting Games.

    Just wondered which characters everyone uses or which characters people prefer to use?
  3. Ernest

    American "christians" And Extreme Political Views!

    Well basically I had this argument with american about terrorists and poltical views etcetc, i'd like to say im not ani-american but if their in the wrong i kno and have alot to say against it. Firstly to point out things like me doing cocaine were not true i just said this to prove a point but...
  4. Ernest


    Goin on holiday to Devon for a week, so i won't be here for week funnily enough. Hopefully there won't be too many new posts and topics to sift through when i get back, although i would like o see some new releases maybe full speed mega drive emu with sound at frameskip 0 :P , anyway cya!!
  5. Ernest

    Current Reading, (favourite Books)!!

    Well ive searched but didn't didn't find a topic on books, basically just post what your currently reading and your views on books etc. I though it would be good to get a discussion going about books although i hardly ever read myself but i have just started redin Michael Moores books, so i'm...
  6. Ernest

    Current Drinking Thread!

    Well i started a current listening thread, now ive started a current drinking thread. I would have thought maybe Pinkspider would have started one by now, oh well. Anyway ill go first. -Sheridans Coffee layered liquer
  7. Ernest

    Best Tv/ Cartoon Series Of All Time.

    Well we've got best film of all time, what do you guys think is the best tv series or cartoon of all time. for me id have to say: Cartoon series ----------------- Transfromers (a personal favourite from when i was a kid) Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles (another personal favourite from when i was...
  8. Ernest

    Need A Decent Game To Play At Skool.

    I really need a good game to while the time away during skool coz lessons are borin as fuck once ive done my work <_< , so are ther any good games im looking for a platform maybe shoot em up like contra ive recently completed ghouls and ghosts on fgen for bout the fifth time now so. I was...
  9. Ernest

    Headphones Arrrrggghhh!!!!

    Well my earphones got broken today so im looking to buy a new pair, I can't use in ear ones as i get ear infections very easily so nething put in my ear makes it infected so im looking for some with a headband or something along 5those lines, maybe smalller versions of the ones i use with my...
  10. Ernest

    GP32 Coding Tutorial!!

    Mr Mirko has added on his website some tutorials for people who want to code on GP32. Read them ASAP ! Get them here: Mirkos site Thought this might be interesting for all u wanting to code for the gp32.
  11. Ernest

    The Very Original Current Listening Thread!!

    Well what track are u currently listening ill start it off, im listening to some old skool Capdown off their time for change ep thingy, Capdown- If moneys your life p.s It's the current song ur listening to. And no taking the piss out of other peoples music and saying its shite if u dont like...
  12. Ernest

    My New Sig!!

    Well a bit of a pointless topic but i wondered what every1 thought of my new sig coz im learnin how to use paint shop pro and i tried this out and thought it was alrite altho i reckon the one magoo made for me is better but what do you all think? It's down below based around smashTV.
  13. Ernest

    Drunk As A!!!!

    Well im drunk as a skunk and i just asked out the girl i like via e-mail probly not the smartest of move s but shes started to show interes recently soo..... hopefully she wont hateme hopefuly shee'll wanna fuck me but we'll but we'll wait an see, but she is exceedingly buff and does have the...
  14. Ernest


    I'm just starting my coursework for graphics (GCSE) thats gonna be due at the end of next skool year, ive decided of two possibilities of products i can promote, I'm either gonna choose a band and make a display stand for their cd's or merchandise, or Im going to make a stand for GP32 instore...
  15. Ernest

    Hair Cuts!!!

    What type of hair style has every1 got, ive got long/medium and messy, today i had loadsa plats put in by 2 of my girl mates, and im soon to be gettin mine dredded, howabout every else?
  16. Ernest

    The Pissed Topci

    Well im gonna start im sooo pisd im surprised i can type neway , yeh this shud be the topic every1 shud post in when they're pissd i think, im absoulutely wankered merry christmas, sooo yeh post here god drink is good soo much better than marijuana, well sometimes neway im gonna have a spliff to...
  17. Ernest


    Are there any girls/women who are on these forums?
  18. Ernest

    All Things Rock And Punk!!!

    Well as Rico suggested, here it is a dedicated thread to rock music, ska, punk,reggae and all forms of that sort of stuff!
  19. Ernest

    GP32 Notepad On Gp32

    Is ne one working on a form of notepad/word style thingy that works with a chatboard as this wud brilliant, or is there one that already exists, it wud save muckin bout with all those shitty laptops at skool!
  20. Ernest

    The New Forest!!!!!

    Does ne1 live in the new forest or newhere in the surrounding area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ???????????????