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    Game Theory Admiral For Sale New   collectors should check this out. very rare! great price.
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    A Bunch Of My Handhelds And Systems For Sale On Ebay

    check it out: some great collectible handhelds up there and some other stuff as well. Bid if interested. PM me or reply with questions.
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    Rare Black Gp32 For Sale

    This was purchased from Guyfawkes a few years ago. Anyway, it's a limited edition black shelled GP32 NLU. Working great. Only a few of these were made, and it's worth some money I think. Overclocks to 256Mhz. Make a fair offer and it's yours. From his offer back when I bought it: "I have...
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    Question About Santa

    why the hell is his sack so big?
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    Question To Ukers About International Shipping

    Hey, So I have an offer on ebay for $600 for my gameboys. Buyer is in Italy, I'm in the US. He has some feedback and theyre all good. Other transactions indicate he is a collector. He requested I put value: $50 so he avoids most taxes as they'd be around $200 (he claims) if I put actual...
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    Limited Edition Gameboy Lights For Sale

    Well I have bills and I would like to buy a new gi at some point, so I'm trying to sell the Limited Edition GB Lights I have acquired over the years. 5 units, all boxed and mostly complete. 2 Tezuka Osamu World Shop Astro Boy units, one clear red and one clear 1 clear yellow Toys R Us...
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    Office Pranks

    I am looking for good office prank ideas. I have a "cubicle" if you will (well, minus walls...). We've already done the usual, such as unplugging various devices, taping bottom of optical mouse, putting questionable food items in seats, taping bottom of drink straw, and I've even gotten in a...
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    Favorite Franchise/game

    Yes, there have been tons of these types of topics all over the internet, but this one is slightly different. Folks, it's a strange time for me. I thought I'd never say this, but my interest in video games is waning more and more each day. I find that I'd rather blow the $60+ on illicit...
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    Looks Like I'm Going To Be Featured In Retrogamer

    I'm not sure how many people remember this, but about 2 years ago there was a discussion about RetroGamer magazine, something that I had never heard of (being American, I guess). Well, I sent in a few shots of my handhelds to see if I'd be featured in the Collector's Corner...After the email, I...
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    New Logo

    I personally think this new logo is offensive. It is offensive toward those who work tirelessly in the field of graphic design to only put out the best quality work possible. This, ladies and gentlemen, is atrocious. Vote. Exercise your democratic RIGHT.
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    Iron Cross Poll

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    Source Of My Anger

    vocal recorders. seriously. they make me want to break stuff.
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    32gb Sdhc For $75 Ar

    I'm putting this here as it will get the most attention in this subforum. $55 after rebate. Best current deal in existence? Credits to Shikaku for finding this and offering it to the gp32x community. EDIT: BACK IN STOCK WITH PRICE...
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    First Gta Iv Dlc Coming This February

    Link Can't wait And no, I don't care about the price tag.
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    Cheap Mico Sd

    Looking for a cheap Micro SD for my phone. Maybe 4gb or more, nothing smaller. I saw a few on amazon for about $10 but I'm such a cheapo and I know I can probably get them for cheaper! US only for me, though I'm sure deals all over the world could help others. edit: price above is including...
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    Wtb: Master System Games

    Don't think I'll get any offers that will follow through, but I might as well try. Looking for tons of master system games. If ebay had some decent lots I'd go there...but there's trash listed atm, nothing worth paying separate shipping prices. phantasy star, alex kidd, wonderboy, etc...
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    Hilarious Click on various items throughout the room :lol:
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    I have a serious question. I was recently linked so some new shitty plan that our wonderful president passed a few days ago. It dealt with making it a felony for those who download music, etc. Obviously, I was scared. My knowledge about torrents is extremely elementary, but for the record, I...
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    Modding Lightguns?

    Is it possible to make a wired lightgun wireless? I expect the answer is "no", but I figured this was the place to ask, considering how many people here are good at modding stuff. Basically, lightguns would be awesome if there were no cords in the way (using the Perfect Shot on the Wii is...