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  1. jix

    GLBasic Sonderrabatt im Bundle mit dem gp2x

    Das ist ne gewöhnungssache... ich hab nen deutsches mac layout habe darauf programmieren gelernt und komme damit wunderbar zurecht auch wenn Da verwechselst du funktional mit prozedural... basic ist alles andere als funktional... in einer reinfunktionalen programmiersprache wie haskell zum...
  2. jix

    Gp2x Community Game Contest Only 3 Days Left!

    Hmm I wasn't able to complete my game... bad time management but i hope to get it done in the christmas holidays.. (as i don't like my game to be vaporware.... which it certainly is now...)
  3. jix

    Gp2x Community Game Contest

    Hmm i can't finish my game till the deadline.... :/ but i'll continue to develop it anyway
  4. jix

    GP2X Planning My Software 3d Renderer

    You should like never code something in assembler for speed reasons before you did some profiling. Compilers arn't that stupid. Most of the time they generate fast code and they know a lot of algorithms for common things like optimizing math expressions and especially relevant for the arm, fast...
  5. jix

    GP2X Shmup Status Reports

    Thanks for the comments! Just wanted to inform you that I released a new status report. I wanted to release it on monday but I was busy fixing some minor bugs reported from the beta testers so it got delayed... PS: I still haven't decided on the name. If someone has a suggestion just leave a...
  6. jix

    Gp2x Community Game Contest

    I think it would be helpful to get on the front page again... Just a reminder for everyone that the deadline approaches... maybe some devs decide to enter the competition with their game they had in development without thinking of this contest... well publicity never hurts (most of the...
  7. jix

    GP2X Planning My Software 3d Renderer

    When doing perspective texture mapping you could only do it right every like 8 pixels and do linear interpolation of VU coordinates in between. (And of course detect horizontal vertical surfaces which do only need perspective texture mapping in one direction). But there might be some clever...
  8. jix

    GP2X Shmup Status Reports

    I am writing a shmup for the gp2x and I am blogging about it. This is inspired by Jabber's Log-fire but the main purpose is to fill my new website with some content :D. The other thing is I still need someone who can help me with the graphics as I am kind of bad at pixel art. Well I just wanted...
  9. jix

    Alles Gute

    Ich kann mich da nur anschließen... Alles gute ED!
  10. jix

    PicoDrive 0.96 erschienen

    Wie man die 2. cpu ansteuert war schon LANGE bekannt... ziemlich lange... das eigentliche problem ist es den 2. cpu effektiv zu nutzen... die meisten emulatoren sind halt so geschrieben worden das sie in einem thread laufen und eine sache zur zeit machen... wenn man jetzt etwas auf den 2. cpu...
  11. jix


    1) Both female 2) Mine does but there are better ones than the one i have. 3) Again depends on the conversion method used but i think both are the simple not-that-great quality ones. 4) Dunno
  12. jix

    Euer erster Computer/Handheld

    Mein erster rechner war ein Macintosh Classic II (schwarz weis 9" monitor 16mhz Motorola 68030 (also nen 68k) der durch den 16bit datenbus viel ineffizenter war als die vorgänger und überhaupt total veraltet war als er rauskam... und ich glaube 4mb ram.... naja mehr als 10mb konnte er eh nicht...
  13. jix

    Ist Gamepark Holdings in Urlaub?

    Wieso? sowas gibts (naja gab es) in korea auch
  14. jix

    Gp2x Community Game Contest

    This contest REALLY needs more publicity... i'm developing a game right now and if i wouldn't have looked into this thread by accident i would have missed the contest completely and probably publicated a beta version of my game in a few weeks... for those who are interested, here is a very...
  15. jix

    Can't Access is still online
  16. jix

    Brassmunkey V0.2 Released

    Cool addicting game! My highscore: 110320
  17. jix

    GP2X Thumb Life

    The bss section only exists within the section headers... those don't get stripped with --strip-all (i use a script for that) the relevant informations about the bss section are in the size of the data section program header (bss is generated if memsize > filesize) so it doesn't even make your...
  18. jix

    GP2X Thumb Life

    One should be able to get somewhat good sizes by linking with --strip-all -N. (joins data and code section saving a few bytes for the program headers (allows self modifying code too because that section has mode rwx)) This works of course with C... after that i usally strip the section headers +...
  19. jix

    GP2X Thumb Life

    Yeah! :D But make the deadline like uhm 10/25...
  20. jix

    Bootbildschirm hängt...nach Übertakten?!

    Re: Wahnsinn!!! <r><QUOTE author="legalmp3"><s> </e></QUOTE> Batterien taugen nicht wirklich viel... du solltest lieber gute NiMH akkus nehmen oder sowas...</r>