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  1. Kumaki

    Rebirth With Color Problems

    OK, so my Rebirth has color problems. I know this is caused by the wire inside, but how do I fix this, or could anyone fix it for me? If I have the game open a bit, I get the right colors...but open a bit more and i get color distortion, purple and green.
  2. Kumaki

    Software Problem With My Rebirth

    OK, having a problem with my Rebirth. It was working just fine last night. I put it on the charger. This morning...could not get screen to come up...even holding power witch and Pandora button...nothing. The green light in the right was on, and green lights on left blinking occasionally. So...
  3. Kumaki

    Very Curious...Heard One Could Trade In A Pandora...

    Can one trade in a Pandora on a Pyra? If so what is the cost difference? Also...curious if the batteries are the same?
  4. Kumaki

    Is There A Way To Put Pandy On Computer Screen?

    Is there any way anyone knows about...where you could put the screen of your Pandora up on a laptop? Just totally curious if it could be done. Mind, I have an old laptop, so probably do not have all the cool connections, just USB and probably a few other things...
  5. Kumaki

    Linux suggestions?

    OK, this kinda caught my attention... I have thought to try messing around with a Linux operating system Kali Linux just that?  A full operating system that you can use browsers and stuff with? I am curious because I am sick of viruses. I'd have to know of course, if a lot of the...
  6. Kumaki

    What SD Cards Will Pandy Take??

    I have a few Lexar Professional SDXC 128GB 133x speed cards that work great.  Wondering if higher-speed cards will work, because it is hard to find tham at 133x speed anymore. I also got a SanDisk Ultra Plus SDXC 64GB 48 MB/s card that does not seem to work in the Pandy. Does anyone have some...
  7. Kumaki

    HELP!!! Weird Pandora Problem!! [Not Quite Solved Yet]

    Ok, so here's the thing: I have not put ANYTHING new on my Pandy in months.  Everything worked fine until yesterday or today. Now, I have a custom program that no longer works...and also all my playlists on Audacious don't show up.  They show as "Untitled Playlist" and all with no songs on...
  8. Kumaki

    Question About SDLTRS

    OK, I just decided to fool around with this again. And I forget how to load things on it. I have figured out that F7 gets me to the menu where I can load things up....but how do I get them to execute? I have a page inside my Pandora case, with TRS-80 games I have already put on my card, but I...
  9. Kumaki

    Can I Still Get Spare Batteries?

    Interested in getting some spare batteries for the Pandora.
  10. Kumaki

    These Dang Bevels!!!! [SOLVED]

    OK, so yesterday I twisted my ankle and fell down while my Pandora was in my pocket. It still works fine, but now the case isn't "even" - meaning the bevels are slightly popped out. Now, last time I had trouble with my touch screen, it was because the bevels were too far out and Link ended up...
  11. Kumaki

    Commander Beef

    Has anyone seen him lately? Sorry to do it this way, but...he has not responded to private email or messages here on the Pandora Board. I paid money for a Pandora program, which he did, but then said he would tweak or update as needed for me...and some of the tweaks are still not done...and I...
  12. Kumaki

    Cheat Codes In PicoDrive??

    Is there ANY way to use cheat codes with PicoDrive? I know about .pat files, I just don't know if there's any way to make use of them with PicoDrive 1.80 I am playing an old favorite, Phantasy Star 2...but Shir is driving me NUTS by NOT STEALING THE RIGHT THINGS...specifically, Star Mist and...
  13. Kumaki

    Have Considered....

    What would be the price difference to trade in an older, working ReBirth...on a 1Gig version? And is there a way this could be done that does not leave me without a Pandy for a while - example, I pay the difference, get the Gig version, with a return label, and then send the Rebirth back?
  14. Kumaki

    Bounty: Lil Red Notebook

    OK, dves...I'll pout a $25 opening bounty on someone who can get me this item - or similar - to work on a Pandora. Ideally, I'd like as many tabs as I want, not limited to 100, of course, but whatever can be managed. I find use for this in my medical billing and coding business.  Therefore...
  15. Kumaki

    October Wish List

    Would like to start this off then, with requests for the following which we already know work... Millipede Rastan Anteater
  16. Kumaki

    New Month - DigDug Still No Score [PROBLEM FIXED!!]

    OK.  New month, first time playing this month. Deleted .nv file before playing. Score not credited. I got over 45,000 and should have first place, but again, I get robbed out of it, because this thing DOES NOT WORK. I have no idea why in HELL it works for some people and not me.
  17. Kumaki

    Card Compatability

    I have seen the Pandora Wiki on this, but wondering if it has been updated in a while...has anyone been able to manage getting a 256 GB card to work in Pandora, and if so, what kind? Also, any other kinds of 128 GB cards that work? Basically, I'd like the biggest cards I can get that will...
  18. Kumaki

    September Wish List

    OK, might be a bit soon for this, but what the hey... Here's a few I'd like to see in September, others add theirs, please Missile Coomand - already checked OK Millipede - already checked OK Anteater - per c4a page this game should be OK Bank Panic - appears OK, need to upload .hi file Do...
  19. Kumaki

    If DigDug Cannot Be Made To Work Right...

    WITHOUT having to constantly delete an nv file (and even deleting it does not work for me, I have been four times screwed out of getting the top score) Then DigDug should be fixed to where it works without ever having to delete the stupid nv file - or it should be taken off C4A until it CAN be...
  20. Kumaki

    Pulstar won't work

    I have the same file that works in PanMAME.  I have the file in the c4a rom directory.  It will not start up Pulstar for me.  Why?