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  1. RodrigoCard

    Hardware No backlight after changing the screen

    I got a replacement LCD for my Pandora months ago and just last week decided to install it... (the old thread for reference) Right after changing it I tought it didnt work, but it was just very dark, and the brightness settings just dont work (I bought a TV cable so I can see something and the...
  2. RodrigoCard

    Pandora Toolchain for Mac OS X?

    I was wondering if there is any OpenPandora cross-compiler toolchain available for Mac OS X.... Is there? Thank you
  3. RodrigoCard

    Horizontal Line Artifacts on Screen

    What could it be? I have my pandora since 2013 and never had problems.... Video: Pics: Also, the lighter parts of the image seems to not be affected: What Can I do? :(
  4. RodrigoCard

    1- Simple Audio Recorder? 2- USB Microphone?

    Hello I want to use my Pandora (1ghz, latest firmware 1.55) to record sounds on the street, parks, etc. 1 - Is there some simple audio recorder Pnd somewhere? I tried Audacity with the built in microphone and it simple doesnt work and gives me a error (sometimes crash). I messed a lot with the...
  5. RodrigoCard

    Dropbox sync scripts?

    Does anyone here have some scripts for DropBox syncing? No problem if it is just something basic and simple. I want to sync just some specific folders. Thanks
  6. RodrigoCard

    Where To Find Some Nice Chiptunes For My Free Game?

    I'm writing a retro style game and Im looking for some nice chip tunes for it. Could you all recomend someone? :) thanks