1. natarajsn

    Bluetooth issues on "Headless" pandora

    Hi I wanna use my Rebirth Pandora as a Bluetooth HID keyboard, now that my display is bust. I am mostly on Linux-Swat's SL4P Slackware. Really tough to boot into SZ/ Angstrom. I need to remove battery and then R button + 4th option in blind mode to get SuperZaxxon. Sl4P is ok for me though...
  2. PowerGod

    8bitdo gamepads pairing with Pandora Bluetooth

    Do you know if there's something on the repo to make the pairing with 8bitdo gamepads possible ? Just asking because with the normal way it always fails, but I suppose to be able to package a simple solution, if there's still nothing around.
  3. T

    Bluetooth audio on the Pyra

    I've looked online and Bluetooth audio on the Pandora didn't seem to work very well, and I haven't seen a single post made by someone who got all audio from the system to be sent to a wireless speaker. I'd like to know if the Pyra can stream a video via Wi-Fi while sending the audio to a...
  4. Pyramancer

    Where are the antennas situated?

    I'm wondering where in the Pyra the antennas will be located. With send and recieve antennas for WiFi, send and receive antennas for Bluetooth, send and receive antennas for cellular, and a receive antenna for GPS -- between four and seven antennas, plus also a sensor for the compass -- it...
  5. rygD

    AP40, Old School Apple inspired controller from 8Bitdo

    They also made an adaptor so it can be used with a IIc.