gameboy advance

  1. L

    X-Pi ONE, new console based on Raspberry Pi CM4

    Greetings, We want to share with you a project in which we have been working for a while. It's called X-Pi ONE, it's our portable console based on the Computer Module 4 of Raspberry Pi Foundation, totally open, without any type of corporate restriction: The main idea of our console is to...
  2. FelixNemis

    Release Ducktape mGBA fullspeed GBA/GB emulator (no proper GUI)

    Ok here's a working build of mGBA. Now on the repo: Notes Esc quits the emu mGBA should be able to use GLES2 but I couldn't get it to so this is using gl4es, runs pretty good though. Didn't build the qt GUI, but I made a zenity launcher script that should...
  3. FelixNemis

    Analogue Pocket FPGA Gameboy/Color/Advance announced

    Analogue is making a FPGA handheld! I'm pretty excited for this thing This is looking like exactly what I want from a gameboy clone Well I like the original gba form factor more but this is good too It has a high resolution screen for nice scaling of the various...
  4. Nintendo

    Freeplay CM3 (Raspberry Pi 3 inside)

    I really want this, even though the price is quite steep :( Can someone please dissuade me from buying one of these?