1. diligentcircle

    Really cool modular and freedom-respecting computer

    Chris from Think Penguin has mentioned this before, but it's being crowd-funded now, and it's really cool! So, basically, the design is there's a "PC card" that has the actual computer on it, and you put that into a case. The case can be a...
  2. 8bitDev

    OS (drivers)compatibility

    Hi guys,i don't mind having dual core CPU if its properly optimized .Now take a look at PSP(Playstation Portable)with 333Mhz CPU and quality of games provided on it.Now comparing to the PSP this(Pyra provided) hardware is more powerful,but compared to GPD Win seems that most people don't get how...
  3. Klumpen

    OpenSource music licenses

    Like me some of us here may be composing now and then and since licenses like GNU and MIT are a thing here, I'd like to ask what licenses you use for your music. The scores of all my tunes are publicly available under the Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC-SA which means as much as "free to use...