1. T

    Video and output capabilities?

    Knowing the display is 720p and that codec could also have an effect depending on whether or not there's support for some hardware acceleration. I'd be interested in playing some 1080p mkv video files of varying bit rates (400kbps - 1200kbps). Maybe 4k as my library grows. VLC would probably be...
  2. V

    ARM and GPU extensibility

    I recently found out that there are ARM SoCs that have some PCIe lanes, which surprised me. If that's true, I'm surprised nobody's tried to use this, especially in the hardcore Free Software spaces: For x86 PCs, we have good free GPU drivers for old Nvidia cards, but can't use modern CPUs due to...
  3. V

    Imagination Technologies and future daughterboards

    Hey all, I don't know if anyone else here has seen this, but apparently Apple and Imagination Tech are going to go mostly separate ways. While Imagination Technologies might still wind up with some income from Apple, everyone seems to think this is a big blow for them. I know the current OMAP5...
  4. Athsrueas

    GPU thoughts

    So I've been popping in and out since the original shenanigans with the OP and following development of the Pyra. Looking at the GPU that has been chosen for the Pyra I'm not all that excited. Maybe I'm in the minority but I am primarily looking at the Pyra as a way to game on the go (I know it...