1. ptitSeb

    Release The Curse of Issyos

    Here is The Curse of Issyos, an arcade game from Locomalito The game, once again, use box86 and gl4es (using GLES2 backend) to work. It can be a tad slow even on a Gigahertz model (and the graphic overlay is turned off at start). Still, the game is enjoyable. /!\ Latest version don't like some...
  2. ptitSeb

    Release EFMB

    Here is EFMB, an arcade game from Locomalito As with all Locomalito games (and all games done with GameMaker2), Endless Form Most Beautiful use box86 and gl4es (with the gles2 backend) to run. Only the DPad is used to play this game. History log ========= Build 03 ----------- Updated with...
  3. ptitSeb

    Release Maldita Castilla

    Here is Maldita Castilla, a freeware game from Locomalito inspired from Ghouls and Ghost and other... The game is the Linux x86 version, and use Box86 and gl4es (with GLES2 backend) to work. It also needed the data to be read/write, so all data is uncompressed on the first run. The game also...
  4. ptitSeb

    Release Gaurodan

    Here is Gaurodan, an Arcade game from Locomalito. The game use Box86 and gl4es to run (with the GLES2 backend), and use the Linux release of the game. It does run on CC model, but some level (like the 3rd one) may be a bit slow at time. Speed is fine on Gigahertz model. History Log =========...