1. ptitSeb

    Release Nova Pinball

    Here is Nova Pinball, a pinball made in Löve2D The game plays well on gigahertz mode, but can be a bit slow to my taste on CC model. The kaymap is changed, the flipper are moved with the shoulders buttons now, and {X} to launch the ball / nudge the table (beware of the tilt). History log...
  2. ptitSeb

    Release Emilia Pinball

    Here is Emilia Pinball, an Open Source pinball. It's an OpenGL port, using gl4es. It's a bit slow, but playable for most table, but unfortunatly, the "Hurd" table is still slow. The keys are configured to: Flipper on Shoulder buttons, The nudge is on Left / Space / {B} and you can change...