1. LWFlouisa

    Pyra Is C++ and Python mainly used?

    I'm more used to developing in Ruby and HTML, although I'm currently working with Shoes GUI. Gitlab currently wiped all my gits I had stored there, so buh bye Terminal Shooter. Although luckily I still have the prototype for Doomed Warrior, another 7DRL I did. I've heard Python is similar to...
  2. sebt3

    apps vs packages focus of the repo

    Hi there, Up to now, my focus on the repository was to highlight what one can do with a pyra. So I put the focus on the apps instead of the packages. Most of the time, the package only contain one app. In this case, either way is the same since one is the other one. But there's 2 cases where...
  3. M

    World of Warcraft

    I was looking for something not much bigger than my phone so that I can stealthily play World of Warcraft, and found nothing. I eventually went searching for hand held PCs and eventually found out about The Dragon Box Pyra and GPD Win which I'll have to wait for... I was wondering if it would be...
  4. AnimatedFreak

    Would Nexuiz be possible on the Pyra?

    It's a Open Source first person shooter based on the Darkplaces engine and it's available on Linux. Website and SourceForge I was thinking because the Pyra is more powerful than what the Pandora was it could maybe run...