1. ptitSeb

    Release RType Reloaded CPC

    Here is RType Reloaded, a remake of RType on CPC (128K) This version comes pre-packaged with a modifed version of Arnold TNG (an Amstrad CPC Emulator). The modification are tailored to make the use of the PND as much Plug'n'Play as possible. The game use SDL1.2 with omapdss for maximum speed...
  2. sebt3

    Release KETM

    Kill Everything That Moves It is just another arcade-like-2D-space-shooter. This game (that I have ported on pandora age ago) include 4 mods, So this is the available apps : Episode 1 StarWars 1941 IronMan KartEverythingThatMoves All these games depend on the engine. One stone, two birds...
  3. ptitSeb

    Release Friking Shark

    Here is Friking Shark, an OpenGL/OpenAL OpenSource remake of the arcade game Flying Shark. The game use gl4es, and speed is fine on Gigahertz model (and can be a bit slow on CC).Light effect are present, but not the shadows (they are shader based). The levels are recreated...