Blockrage für den Dingoo A320 portiert (Linux)


Jun 16, 2008
Der Titel dürfte schon alles sagen. Zear hat sich die Mühe gemacht und das Spiel für den Dinguu portiert. Zwar läuft es unter Linux und damit derzeit nur wenn der Kleine am PC angeschlossen ist, jedoch sollte es schon sehr bald möglich sein das Ganze auch über Booboos dual bios Variante per mini SD zu starten :)
zear said:
Hey guys, it's me again, with another port for our Dingoos ;)
This time it's Blockrage - a falling blocks game with quite nice graphics.
It's staticly compiled, so it should work with every rootfs.
The sources are included.

What's even more interesting is the 2-players-at-one-console game mode. Probably a first multiplayer game for A320 :)
So, if you have a second person to play with - try it.

Download: archive mirror



Controls (one player):

LEFT/RIGHT - move block
UP/DOWN - rotate block
A - drop block
SELECT - menu
START - apply (in menus)

Controls (two players):
In order to play with the two player key mappings, you have to "cp blockrage.cfg.2p blockrage.cfg". This will overwrite the blockrage settings.
If you want to play with one-player-only key mappings later, you have to "cp blockrage.cfg.1p blockrage.cfg".

First player:
B/X - move block
Y/A - rotate block
R - drop block

Second player:
UP/DOWN - move block
LEFT/RIGHT - rotate block
L - drop block

SELECT - menu
START - apply (in menus)

And now a little preview of what's comming for Dingoo next time >click< ;)