Fancied having a do with GemRB... ?


Oct 10, 2008
...well Atari have the complete D&D package on sale at the moment :

$5 (plus a bit extra for extended download for the next 2 years but as long as you don't lose the link you don't need that) for Baldur's Gate 1+2 plus expansions, Icewind Dale 1&2 + expansion, Planescape Torment and Temple of Elemental Evil. Link just says US but it takes you to the standard ordering page where it didn't get stroppy with me for being in the UK :)
nice find :)

I still have planescape torment in the original box... I hope gemrb will become workable, on the other side you cant go wrong for $5
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Damn, I bought all of those a few weeks ago on xD Although I think it was just for 5$ more.
BOUGHT! And I was about to pay $9.99 on GOG for Icewind Dale alone! Thanks Cab for the awesome find!