Help Slaanesh,having Problem On Fba320


Still Fresh
Sep 1, 2009
I have converted 2 neogeo games successfully.They both run very well yesterday.But today, they all failed to load and freezing at loading screen(both failed at loading PCM A).Other games are Ok.Why and how to solve this problem?
I need your help.
It sounds like you may have suffered a corruption.

Check the integrity of your SD card.

Whilst the Dingux filesystem corruption bug is still at large, I tend to back up my A320's SD card fairly regularly.
In fact I backup all my handheld's memory cards regularly as computer hard drive space is now cheap and vast.
It doesn't take long to do and saves you the hassle of starting from scratch.
Thank you.Actually I hv backuped my files of my sd card and formatted it then restored.The problem was still there.I reconverted my rom this morning in my sd card and this time it passed all the loading stuff.But it showed me a black screen after entering the game.The new kernels has established.I'll try it ltr.(BTW,another neogeo game kof98 runs ok.:)
Now the both neogeo games worked after newing the linux kernel and reconverting.But one of them worked only once and the 2nd time it failed at loading PCM A again... :(
The other one is always ok.