Let's Make Our Own FPS!

How about this? I don't know my arse from my elbow when it comes to 3D but "Linux" source code is available.

"All it takes" is a dev to make/port a basic engine supporting gles that loads 3dmax or blender files. Then it could just start with a basic "TAG" game and move onward from there. Enough 3d guys around here to provide content, heck even i could make some stuff. But the first 3 words point out the problem.
Surely it's just a case of running make and his pals and hey presto! :p Okay! I joke.
Wow, 20 replies here and only 6 on the GP32X forums... :blink:

On the other boards, I mentioned a couple graphics/game engines that might be a good starting point, and Spirit mentioned another engine called "Darkplaces." Apparently Darkplaces has two games that can be looked at as examples of what its capable of (Nexuiz and Xonotic). Nexuiz looks pretty impressive, and very similar to Unreal Tournament, Half-Life, and Quake 3. The other ones I mentioned were PixelLight and Irrlicht, which cpasjuste had already been working on.

To those saying I should just learn programming and start it myself, I've dabbled in Python, Lua, Java, BASIC, and others on a very basic level (har har) and know enough to know it'd be far more efficient for me to leave the coding in the hands of more capable bodies while I work on assets. If I started today, I'd have something worth playing in 2 years. If a programmer who's done this kind of thing before started today (with one of the graphics/game engines at a starting point), they'd probably get to the same place in a fraction of that time.

A couple years ago I was trying to make my own 2D game on my PSP in LuaScript, and even got so far as to code up some useful apps for my own personal use, but I realized that I was taking so long just trying to learn what I was supposed to be doing and why things were running so slow that I didn't have time to actually make decent assets for it. The project never got finished because I had to focus on freelance work, and I'm still not sure why my game initially ran at 4 fps when weeks later it ran at 60 fps. :p

I don't know details of the engines others with Pandoras or Pandora orders are working on, but if we had an engine that was well-rounded enough to be easily moddable with scripts, artists/casual coders could work on getting the games out.
What I would love to see ported (when it's done) is OpenMW. Open source Morrowind engine rewrite, like openTTD or scummVM. The main guy says it will require less of your pc than the original even did!
Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't we need to be able to run the Ogre engine? A lot of the screenshots have the Ogre logo at the bottom right, like this one:


Also, the FAQ says you can run it on any system that can run Ogre, and I don't know if OpenGL ES is supported by Ogre yet. The only things I found that might be of use there is a paper they wrote that talks about work on a Windows Mobile port of the engine, I believe using OpenGL ES, and another bunch of work by someone in their forums porting it to OpenGL ES.

But even then, how open is that engine/game? Is it something we could base new games on?
As I said in the topic on GP32X, it seems like there's an OpenGLES 2.0 render system for Ogre. Once I get my Pandora, I'll see if I can get it running. I doubt I've got the code-fu to fix any implementation issues, but I'm confident that I can at least take what they've got and get it running on the Pandora.
Honestly it's a good idea... Take a good Linux engine and rewrite it for the pandora. I figure Linux devs would be more openminded to this system, so we could even get a 'paid' engine...
I've always though remake of Die Hard on the NES would make for an awesome FPS. More or less the same game just from a 1st person point of view rather than top-down. Not sure how you'd go about that though.
I think OpenMW would be an incredible thing to port :) It'd be my No. 1 pandora game!

Have a look here though http://openmw.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=222&start=0

And speaking of making FPS, I'll probably end up doing that, I have some nice artistic and 3dmodeling/animating skills and I absolutely love fps and portable handhelds. However, I think the best kind of fps for a pandora would be something a bit more casual like system shock 1, considering that many handheld gamers are going to want to play when their away from their other consoles to pass time, and aren't wanting to feel like getting frustrated in public or zoning out so they miss they train stop or something. That's why if OpenMW is made, it would be a great engine to use. OpenMW or not though, I'd like to make a game for the pandora, I could make it my project when I go to do a 3d animation degree at college.

EDIT: sorry I've dug up a really old thread by the way :eek: -by this forums standards, I'm not familiar of the flow of new threads.
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I have never heard of openMW before for some reason. Wonder what Pandora specific add-ons could be made for it. . .

I'd go for it though, I have yet to pass MW, I got too occupied on side quests. I would make a poor chosen warrior, the Kings daughter would never get rescued. Then again he must not have expected much when he gave me a wooden sword and shield.
Wow, color me interested. I've been wanting something like that for years. :D

Couple things tho... it's expensive, and those models are probably very high resolution with some very dirty meshes, meaning it'd still take time to retopologize the model for realtime game use. Not worth it for a Pandora game, imo.
It would be great for work in Zbrush or mudbox. Hell, it might even help with low poly given the fact that you can paint deformation in most 3d programs.

My main view is it looks cool, but how vital would it be? at 750 Euros I don't think I could justify it yet. The fanciest I'm prepared to get ATM is a good pc and a drawing tablet.
Judging by the speed at which the guys at work use Zbrush and Maya (which is hideously slow at modeling compared to some others like XS... Softimage), I don't think it'll be very vital, if at all. To put it into perspective, I've yet to see anyone at any job I've worked at use anything other than a tablet, mouse, and keyboard, and maybe the occasional trackball. I've never seen anything else used, not even those fancy 3D navigation mice like those from 3DConnexion.

However, I think it would be highly advantageous to have a 3D monitor to model on. Never mind the overpriced 3D 'paintbrush'. :p