Microsoft removes "Big Boobs" hex-string


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Mar 8, 2008
The BBC is reporting that a hexadecimal string, 0xB16B00B5, has been removed from Microsoft software. Apparently they're embarrassed about it, and dealt with it swiftly after it came to light on the Linux kernel mailing list. The original version used the equally unflattering string, 0xB00B135, instead.

This follows another embarrassing incident a month before now, where their presentation at the Norwegian Developers Conference opened with a song containing the lyrics "The words MICRO and SOFT don’t apply to my penis.", accompanied by the bizarre text "or vagina" on a display that was broadcasting the lyrics (which was apparently the result of not listening to the lyrics, only catching part of them, and suggesting the oddball addition in order to be "inclusive").

Cue immaturity that tries to justify this, I'm quite sure...
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It's pretty simple, imho.

They are in a so big trouble they are agitating their little arms, desperately trying to catch some attention.
Removing Boobs from anything is just plain wrong.! But seriously A boob can just mean a mistake also in other usages.
But seriously A boob can just mean a mistake also in other usages.
Which would be a fine explanation were it not for the fact that the "Big Boobs" string replaced "Boobies", which is never used to mean anything but mammaries.
Really, we're having this discussion? The word "boobies" is offensive now? Dear god, there aren't enough facepalms in the world in response to how stupendous an overreaction this is.

I'm about to blow your minds, ladies and gentlemen:


Oh yeah, how 'bout them apples! Bet you've gone beet-red in the face, went crying to yo' mammas and washed your eyeballs out with soap.

Seriously, humanity, we've got plenty of real problems to deal with, without conjuring up new ones. Stop. I bet the people dying of starvation half way across the world wished we spent half as much time worrying about the horrifyingly asymmetrical allocation of earth's resources as we do about patently absurd things like this.

If the words "big boobs" being buried deep within some code which you've never seen, never interacted with or never cared about 'til now offends you that much, do the world a favour, switch off your computer now because I'm about to drop another mind-blowing bomb of epic proportions:

You can actually use the internet to get real pictures of big boobies!

At first you may doubt me. You may scream and shout in protest that it's not true. You may gain some solace by navigating here and pressing the button:

You're back? Okay... I'm sorry to say that it wasn't a cruel elaborate joke. There are actually more pictures of big boobies on the internet than you could possibly comprehend.

I rest my case.

I gotta agree with Gadgetroid...

I took a look at the article, and it seems to me that people are upset because they think it represents a dominance of males in the programming world... honesty, that's (as you Brits say) bollocks. It's just a little joke.

Let's pretend for a moment I was in an industry dominated by females. They, as a joke, hide "monster cock" somewhere in their work. I don't think I would be offended by that. I'd laugh along with them. The joke isn't "we're all girls", it's "people are using a product with a phrase they think is inappropriate without even realizing it".
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Thanks to prom I learned a new word for this elusive female body part causing many-a-ruckus: Mammary. Would a doctor use that word?

And yeah, breasts are used to gain, mostly male, attention everywhere. Advertising, tv-shows, movies, magazine covers, computer games.. and well, real life

This is a mere word hidden childishly among some source code. I couldn't care less, so should the rest of planet earth.

I think there's more better places to start the fight, if you want to call it that, to stop exploitation of the female body. Doing that effectively would entail reprogramming our brains though, I guess.

In addition to the above and to conclude my reasoning, gig-gig-giggity.
What irks me is that some women seem to take offense to the fact that there aren't a huge number of female programmers out there. The fact there are any at all is a clear indicator that it's possible for women to get into programming and be every bit as good at it as men, but the fact there aren't overwhelming numbers says only one thing: women just aren't as interested in programming as men.

And that's what it all comes down to. We men and women are almost as different from each other as to be qualified separate species if it wasn't for the fact we're too sides of a reproductive coin. There are fundamental biological differences which are echoed through all walks of life, and raging that there aren't many woman in programming, or that they're somehow being put off by this "male exclusive domain" is as absurd as complaining that there aren't enough men in any of the roles so often dominated by women.

Phrases like "CAFE BABE", "A FAB CAFE", "DEAD BEEF" and so on have been used as "magic numbers" in programming for decades, too. This sort of thing is hardly new or even newsworthy. I guess commercial news outfits are just struggling so much to stay relevant that they'll publish any old tat if it means hits. Surprised the Beeb have done so, though, this is normally the trashy domain of the Daily Fail.

The recent DevsLoveBacon conference was undoubtedly overrun with men, but two extremely talented and intelligent women stood up before us all and blew us away with confident, well delivered presentations.

Ultimately, quotes like: "Puerile sniggering at breasts contributes to the continuing impression that software development is a boys' club where girls aren't welcome" are disgustingly misinformed bullshit, and I guarantee that you will find as many women in our office sniggering at breasts as you will men. Probably more, come to think of it. I mean, the guy quoted for that phrase (yes, guy) links to a satirical wiki page as evidence that men are actively trying to exclude women from the development world... the fuh!? ( I'm almost convinced his post and quote itself are satirical, and that the Beeb has just been trol'd )

This isn't so much about people getting offended, but rather about people getting offended on behalf of other people who they are, for some reason, concerned might be offended but perhaps believe those imaginary offended people aren't capable of sticking up for themselves?... ow, my brain!

Long story short; If getting offended on behalf of poor little girlies who can't look at kernel source code and get offended by themselves isn't derogatory to women, then I don't know what is.
Really, we're having this discussion? The word "boobies" is offensive now? Dear god, there aren't enough facepalms in the world in response to how stupendous an overreaction this is.

To be honest, I just thought it was amusing, in a "Wow, that's an immature thing to do." sort of way. :p The second story with its bizarre lyrics was the more interesting of the two, anyway. :lol:

"Boobies", which is never used to mean anything but mammaries.

Au contraire, look at the lovely boobies on display here. :p

Pics or it didn't happen.

Here are some great tits.

And for balance, a man with a large cock.
And, some bouncing tits;

So is this a perv vent page since we're all so polite on this forum or a discussion of sexism towards women in programming ? Or Mabey

Both ?