Nintendo Ends Gamecube Production!


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Aug 16, 2005
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Nintendo has stopped Gamecube system and Gamecube game production. It seems a little sad, but then again this officially signals that the Next generation of gaming is here for Nintendo as the Wii takes the seat of being Nintendo's home console.

No More Cube Support link

I guess this was expected, but does seem sudden. I can't remember how long it took for them to stop the N64 support when the Cube arrived.
Much easier for them to end production of Gamecube than it was for them to end N64, since the Wii has Gamecube game support and they are making a profit on each Wii sold... why bother producing the old system any more?
Mudi is right. The Gamecube hardware may be dead, but the Wii is backwards compatible so if anyone were to release GC games past this point it's not like people wouldn't be able to play them.
shinneri posted on Feb 23 2007 at 11:55 AM said:
Yeah. I just saw that.
Hmmmm.... confusion within the Nintendo ranks? Nintendo of America says The Cube and it's games have stopped production. Today a spokes person for Nintendo of UK says "no we have not." Are they voting or what?

Eurogamer Report link

Or is the Nintendo of America person just not fully informed and is just guessing? Could be a regional thing? :huh:
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I read this earlier today and I believe what is meant by this announcement is that First Party Development has completely finished for the gamecube. The only games you will so coming out on it now will be third party games. That was what I read and not that gamecube production was being stopped. From what I've read, they're gonna keep making gamecubes for a while to come as they see it as a good stepping stone for not only non gamers but avid gamers. and at £40 here in the uk with loads of decently priced games to buy, I believe they are right.
I love my Gamecube :) Nintendo just needs to make a GC to poor man's Wii Kit! No, Just Kidding!

The Wii still plays GC games so it isn't a big lost. A bunch of the new GC games remind us that they are Wii compatible with their, "Compatible With Wii!" stickers.
Probably for me it's LToZ:Wind Waker.

I invested in a HDMI adaptor for my Wii (which is where I mainly play my GC games these days). I don't think I have a light gun game in my GC game collection, so I don't have a need to run it on a CRT, it looks tarty smart enough upscaled to Hidef-isf on a LCD TV.
So many good games on the game cube, from Beyond Good and Evil and PoP: Sands of Time (the last great games from Ubisoft before they went bad), F-Zero GX (still the most hidef of the F-zero games yet), Second Sight (the last significant Codemasters non-racer game except for Black as I recall), and probably other good games I've fogotten.
What are you favourite GC games?
Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros. Melee, F-Zero GX.

Luigi's Mansion at least got a 3DS release, which I am definitely going to buy.

F-Zero GX (still the most hidef of the F-zero games yet)
Too bad that they killed the series. I am not a fan of racing games in general, but I like F-Zero a lot. It is fast, drifting is fun, and the game looks amazing. Also, the cutscenes of this games make me wish that I could ever be even half as cool as Captain Falcon is.
I dream of getting CRT for my Wii and SNES (with built in VCR to watch skate videos).
Why the Wii? The Wii does not need CRT. The Wii does not use scanlines, but uses a special bar that you place on your television.
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14 years too late ......... :cool:
More like, 14 years too soon.
Years ago when i was planing to get a Stationary Console, i had to chose between PS2, XBOX and Gamecube, in the End it was PS2, but maybe i were better whit the Cube, allthough it ditnt had a DVD Player Feature..
But the PS2's DVD player was weird and required sync on green or something like that. I had a third party cable that included a switch that enabled me to fix that by flicking the switch every time I wanted to play a DVD, but I think as soon as I got my xbox I used that to play DVDs where I didn't have to bother using an awkwardly placed switch around the back on the unit.