Nintendo Wii U

Well, hopefully for Nintendo the Wii U is a success. I hear they will be selling it at a loss and trying to make money on the games they sell.

Nintendo have lost a bit of money lately, if the Wii U fails it will be pretty hard for them. That said, there still doesn't seem to be any competition form a new Xbox or PS coming anytime soon. This should help
Yeah, they should do OK for the first 6-8 months, as demand will be high and I'm sure most reviews will be positive. Sadly, I just don't see the WiiU capturing the same groups of consumers that the Wii did.

This is the first Nintendo console in 25 years, that I don't plan to buy at launch, but I'm sure many others will, so who knows? For them to be taking a loss, just doesn't seem that good long term. If sales stall or if they run in to any other problems, their screwed. They need to start strong and get a ton of momentum going, and with their current line up of games, I just don't see much long term success. The only current game they have announced that I'm lightly interested in is Bayonetta 2. Their launch lineup is ok, but I don't see anything I'm willing to drop 400+ to own, and with no 3D mario, zelda, or metroid even announced, I see a really rough time after the launch rush dies down, as we won't being seeing those games until 2014 and beyond.

Nintendo is still Nintendo, so they will always sell their own games in to the millions, but most 3rd party games just haven't done real well over the last few generations of Nintendo hardware and I don't see the WiiU doing any differantly. Everyday phones and tablets take more and more business away from the standard gaming market, and I just don't know how this will go for "N". I'm sure Sony and Microsoft will be watching very closely, so they can correct their long term plans for next gen.

I wish Nintendo lots of luck, because they are going to need it for the WiiU. I am currently loving my 3DS XL, so I'm still a fan.

This is the first Nintendo console in 25 years, that I don't plan to buy at launch
I feel the same. I love Nintendo - hardware and software, but the Wii U, just isn't sending any "Must have" vibes to me just yet. There are some good games coming out, but none are killer-apps for me at the moment. With threats of redundancy or severe changes to my working conditions, that only adds to the reasons not to get the machine anytime soon. I will get one in the end, as like you I want new Metroid and Zelda games (not so fussed about Mario). Pikmin 3 is a deal-sealer for me on its own, but there's no release date for that (within the first 3months of the Wii U's release schedule).
Having a 3 year old in my house, the Wii U isn't even a consideration, that controller would be a fine mist if he got his hands on it
Well if they come out with a 32 gig memory one then I'll really , really think about it . But I can have a gaming PC built to fit my budget and needs/wants so it would be hard sell - coming from a hardcore Nintendo fan I mean I even have a virtual boy ...
So, anyone here in the states get a WiiU today? If so, how is it? A friend of mine got one, but he can't update or anything, as I'm guessing the servers are slammed. He only got scribblenauts, so I ask him how it felt to pay 400+ to play scribblenauts and he just laughed. He wanted ZombieU, but the reviews weren't high enough for him, oh well.

I got a few for a quick Ebay flip, but I have no plans to get one for myself anytime soon due to a lack of any interesting games. Pikmin 3 is the only one on my radar and that's not due till some time next year. I did get a chance to check out the display unit at Gamestop, but I only felt the game pad and looked at the screen quality. The controller felt nice in my hands, but felt a little out of place, but not to bad. The screen quality was pretty good. Not Vita great, but not bad.

Not for me.. unless there is one truly senses shattering game like say halo on the original x-box.
^^ wait 4,5 the price will go down .

Edit : I meant months .
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Just bought the wii u deluxe set and one pro controller . Just bought as in mom driving me home . I just realized that I WOULD have had enough to get one game too . Oh well , there's always Nintendo land pack in .
NintendoLand is surprisingly good fun. I really didn't expect to enjoy it much, especially in one player mode, but it's really good. Obviously it's even better in multi-player, but still worthwhile playing on your tod.

Updating the Wii U (and NintendoLand and ZombiU) takes an age though - be prepared to waste an hour doing this. Best have a play first and then update later.
Well we can't get high speed Internet where I live for about another month ( downloading pnds from repo takes approx 1 hour ) so I won't be worrying about that for awhile . Got black ops 2 . No more fighting over tv is pretty nice . Prefer playing it with pro on tv with pro and hd but you take what you can get in my house .