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Nov 16, 2008
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I kinda like the layout with the enter, ctrl, alt and shift in the middle...
It reminds me of the icontrolpad too.... :)

It is probably designed for using upside down, while gaming, or for left handed, perhaps.
Btw., where is the url ?
In case you're running having disabled scripts, it's in that big blank space at the bottom of the OP post.

So basically it's this:
You don't turn it upside down for gaming according to all the photos there; that d-pad is labelled X/Y/A/B. I'm also not sure that analogue nub is an analogue nub in actuality; it's described there as a 4/8 way pad.
Yes, I totally misunderstood the design, partially because only info I had was the image in first post.
This looks like an interesting keyboard, though I like pyra keyboard more.
Craig would at least put the dpad on the correct side...
Ha! That made me laugh, for some reason I didn't notice that until you pointed that out.

Why did they made the buttons a d-pad? That is kinda weird. Putting the functions buttons in the middle like that might be useful, always easy to reach. I just have never liked the thumb keyboards like this, I have a few that I got for media centers and such and just end up plugging in a full keyboard because these with prolonged use just never work out. On a portable system like the Pandora or a phone withe a physical keyboard I use them but when I can have a full keyboard I want a full keyboard so these get put in a electronics tote. . .
The DPad has "ABXY" on it. And the analog slider is on the left side. So they just turned the buttons into a DPad.
Anyone remember the first WIZ prototypes? :D
^ Got a pic of one, as I can't seem to find one?

The first Wiz prototypes had dual D-pads and a 2.5mm headphone jack instead of the more widely used 3.5mm. Thankfully GPH listened to early feedback and changed both :)

I just tried the later prototype they sent me, the battery doesn't last more than an hour or so but the screen is still unaffected by the pixel plague!
Seems to me that anyone preordering this via indiegogo is risking more than I would. Given it's got no real action buttons limits it's functionality, and we don't know yet how the keyboard keys will function in that role. It has the benefit that if you own a phone without a headphone port, this is at least a way to add one, but nobody's reviewed the sound quality yet.