Pandora First Batch - €200 ($320 AUD) o.n.o


Jun 8, 2024
Hi Folks,

Was doing a house clean out and found my first batch Pandora. Charged it up and it works perfectly.

I bought it a long time ago, used it for a few weeks, moved house and then it has sat in its case for over a decade.

How much are these selling for these days? After a price guide, I'll place it up for sale :)

Based in Australia.

Price - €200 ($320 AUD) o.n.o



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G'day Hathro,

I'm in Oz too; If you still have it in a few weeks time I may be interested. It'd be nice to tie me over 'till I can eventually get my hands on a Pyra.

Btw, forum rules require you to include a hand-written note showing your forum user-name in your for-sale pics. :)
Thanks mate, updated the post with the hand-written note. I missed this in the posting rules.

Send me an offer when you're ready :)
Thanks mate, updated the post with the hand-written note. I missed this in the posting rules.

Send me an offer when you're ready :)
While I totally believe you're a person selling a real Pandora, I think the concept is combining the Pandora and the note, showing you're an actual seller owning a Pandora ;)
The handwritten part probably means it's harder to fake, as you could digitally add your name over someone else his written paper. Although these days you can fake all digital things.
im in brissie, might be interested too... all depends on how many dollarydoos you want for it... any accessories?
Hey mate - no idea what it's worth? Throw me an offer.

Accessories - charger and a hard shell case. Also has the quick start guide.
Well its a bit too rare to have one on sale these days.
There where some on sale for ~100 but if you just happen to find a desperate collector anything goes.
I meant, we had sales for 100, and not that its worth 100.
is that $250 AUD or another currency? I saw a few of the sales, most of them were in Euros :)
I honestly am not sure. It was just a guess that a Pandora is worth about 250€ solely because of it is a rare item and still very good as a retro emulation device.
Also because GPD Win 2 are being sold for >300€

Seems like I am wrong and Pandoras have less value. Don't put too much weight into my estimate. Set a price of whatever feels good to you. If past sales were 100€, then 250€ might be unrealistic.
Scarcity does not determine a market price (I've got some very rare stuff in my attic that nobody is interested in), it is the ratio between supply and demand.
Supply is very low, but demand is not known. Start with a higher price (e.g. asking price 400 AUD - €250) to determine if there is interest for a higher price especially if you are not in a hurry to sell. You can always go lower.

I think your location does make it harder to sell due to shipping costs, this forum seems to be mostly visited by EU members. If you were located in the EU I might have contacted you. I recently broke one of my Pandora's.
If you havent sold by the 20th of July i will re evaluate. lol
i get paid monthly and the last pay has all gone on bills etc.. i already spent the toy
I have a passing interest in the Pandora from a development point of view.
Consider $200AUD the lowest you could get for it. Totally understand you looking around for a better offer.
I'll be up in QLD (from Victoria) in October. So you have plenty of time to consider.