PiBoy DMG - Finally a well-built, affordable RPi4 handheld

I don't disagree that landscape > portrait, but I understand why they do it. Using an OG gameboy layout is the only "acceptable" way to get the device this thick. If you had a bespoke landscape handheld this thick, everybody would complain about how chonky it is. But it needs to be as thick as it is to fit the RPi with all the ports and a big enough battery to run it for more than half an hour. As long as you jam all that stuff into a DMG case, well that's OK then, because retro.

The right analog is much less of an issue, simply because there are few-to-no games that this can play that were designed with one in mind. There are only a couple PSX games that strictly require dual analogs, and only a few more where lack of a right stick is a serious detriment. At least 98% of games on the PSX play just fine without it, and no other system this can handle properly even had dual analogs originally. The DC, N64, and PSP were all left-stick-only, and everything older didn't have analogs at all.
For PSX I only care for Dark Stone.

The problem with the missing dual analog is most notable when it comes to playing PC ports of old first person shooters with mouse look, (Half Life, Quake 1-3, Duke Nukem 3D... etc) as I mentioned in my first post.
RPi4 can run those games with no problem, but The well-built, affordable RPi4 handheld is preventing you to actually playing them because it have LAME design that does not include second analog.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Wake me up when somebody make a well-built, affordable RPi4 handheld with dual analog.
How long it will take for all of those people to realize how inferior the original game boy design actually is, and how lame is to have only a single analog stick preventing you to play any first person shooter with mouse look.
But NO!, they keep pumping them. And you still continue to buy them.

Cant wait for Odroid Go Advance with dual analog.
Sounds like you need a Pyra :cool:

Or perhaps this might be more your scene:
(Don't actually know if it's any good though, only breezed through the video)

I'll be honest I got a Retroflag GPi case and original Odroid Go. The GPi case was closest to the original DMG form factor, and to be honest, I really wasn't that keen on it when I tried to use it... however, the original Odroid Go I still think is a nice size and feels good, but a lot of technical downsides (ESP32, 2 face buttons, awful volume control/levels)

I do have some gripes with the OGA. The SD card slot isn't just a slot in the bottom, it's a cutout in the case, and it's right where my finger rests, so it's a little uncomfortable; and the L2/R2 buttons are pretty hard to reach. Thankfully though, I don't really play any systems that have L2 and R2 buttons on the controller.
ETA has a couple new videos showing some more emulation tests and how to assemble the device.

He also confirmed that steamlink works well, and that the battery life is 3-4hrs under normal operation, or about 2hrs if you overclock for very demanding games. Not amazing, but about what I would expect.

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