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For X-Wing Dos I think you set the 'Machine Speed' option in the setup where you configure the sound card.
^Thanks I found it in the install setup. It was set to max detail/slow by default so I changed it to lowest/fastest and gave it another spin.

In the places where is was running fast before it runs even faster. But the places it was choppy/slow there is no improvement :-(

btw, does anyone know where I can find the frame skip options for dosbox?
Sarlix said:
^Thanks I found it in the install setup. It was set to max detail/slow by default so I changed it to lowest/fastest and gave it another spin.

In the places where is was running fast before it runs even faster. But the places it was choppy/slow there is no improvement :-(

btw, does anyone know where I can find the frame skip options for dosbox?

You could edit the Dosbox config file directly. It's stored under /media/yourcard/pandora/appdata/dosbox/.dosbox/dosbox-0.74.conf and dosbox-0.73.conf (not sure why I get two even though I keep deleting the 0.73.conf). Under the 'RENDER' section you should see frameskip=0

Hope that helps.

edit: forgot to mention that Commanche runs, but it's too slow imho.
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So... Dungeon Keeper still running :D
Never give up hope! ;)
This is the list I'm looking forward to testing to, I've just ordered from the second batch so it'll be a while. Anyone care to testdrive one of these?

Space Quest 6 (Khan already tested this?)
Heart of Darkness
Any old DOS version from Slicks 'n' Slide (I've got one from '95)
First version of Worms
Skunny Karts
FastTracker (though I'll probably give the native SchismTracker a try)
BC Racers
Wolfenstein/Spear of Destiny
Autodesk Animator Pro
Alley Cat
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego
DiscWorld 1 (don't think this one's supported in scummvm yet)
monuments of mars
ski or die
star goose
norton commander
jagged alliance deadly games
wings of fury
hook (adventure game)
epic / silver pinball
psycho pinball
pac in time
hyper 3d pinball/tilt!
ultimate pinball
cosmo's cosmic adventure
simcity 2000 (cd version)
battle chess EGA
winter games
football glory
fuzzy's world of golf
kings of the beach volleyball
world class leader board (a golf game)
Some findings:

Space Quest 6: Seems to need a little push to be enjoyable (it´s actually playable if you have low standards but after a while it may get boring due to low walking speed, even at its max settings). Bring on hardware acceleration!

Larry 7 - Love for sail: Maybe too taxing on the graphics department (SVGA graphics and lots of background animations to make things worse). Choppy cursor, definitely not playable.

Harvester: Another no-go. Similar symptoms as in Larry 7.

Gabriel Knight 2: Very playable, cutscenes with occasional stuttering but it doesn´t disrupt the flow of the story. Unfortunately, its lags horribly when some kind of background scrolling takes place...Blame the SVGA graphics and the lack of hardware acceleration.

Stonekeep: Surprisingly, it´s nearly playable...well, at least when it comes to basic dungeon crawling (combats decently smooth but that´s one-on-one so far!) FMV cutscenes stutters horribly.

Noctropolis: No wonder it works beautifully...After all it was a 1994 game with low requirements (on the 386-SX range and no 3D graphics involved).

Psycho Pinball: Fast scrolling games aren´t friendly with Dosbox in its current state (maybe hardware acceleration could give the needed boost). The Sega Genesis version will suit you better.

Lost Eden: Very playable (little slowdowns when certain characters speak but nothing to worry about).

Dragon Lore: Very playable, although I haven´t entered combat yet.

Ecstatica: Looks good but perfomance may crawl in an action-packed scenario.

One tip: Replace DOS4GW with DOS/32A extender (Not working for some games...for example, later Sierra Games like Larry 7 or Gabriel Knight 2). Every little bit helps.
I just played "Comanche: maximum overkill". In config remove clouds and set detail to low. runs ok. OVerclock to 650 or 700 and it runs pretty good.
laurens said:
Weevil said:
DiscWorld 1 (don't think this one's supported in scummvm yet)

These games are supported by scummvm.

DiscWorld works find in scummvm apart from you can't use the built-in save option. You have to use DW's native one, which makes the game crash unless you make a 'save' folder in the main DW directory.

It also works in dosbox, but I couldn't get the sound to work.
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There's a lot of compatibility information in this thread, but it's rather disorganized. How about compiling it all into one place?

Nintendo64 and PSX have something like this, on GoogleDocs:

It doesn't have to be GoogleDocs, though. Personally, I think using the PandoraWiki might work better. It can also have tables with different colours for how well games work, for example:

The advantage of making a compatibility list on a wiki is that you can sort the different categories. So you can, for example, sort the table to find only those games that have been tested on the latest emulator version. Or by how much they need to be overclocked to be playable.

The advantage of GoogleDocs is that you can have graphics about the data, like this. I personally think that being able to sort the tables is much more useful.

What do you think?

If a compatibility list is made, what should the columns be?

Currently, I can think of:
Game Title, Emulator Version, Status (Not Working/Playable/Works Well/Perfect), Mhz, Link to Conf file (that would make the game work - from what I remember, these can be quite tricky), Comments
Esn said:
What do you think?

I think pie charts should be outlawed. Their a crime against humanity and possibly non humans. (I actually saw a pigeon get injured once by a rouge pie chart at an outdoor presentation)

Anyway...I think this is a great idea, essential almost. I'm not sure if there's a more streamlined way of loading games than I've been doing, but for each game I have to rename the folder (so I don't have to try and remember and type long names) then I have to take note of the game .exe, or several if theres more than one and don't know which is which.

If you have like 50 games you want to try out, it could get a bit much. It would be nice to have a list to refer to so your not wasting time with games that aren't even going to run.

The only problem I can see is if someone puts a game down as non working, but in-fact it just needs configuring (like sound driver etc) We could end up with an inaccurate list. But still thats better than no list at all. Even if a wiki list doesn't get made, there should at least be a forum thread with some sort of list. I for one have a bunch of games to add.
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Esn said:
What do you think?
The problem with a DosBox compatibility list is it doesn't really have a varied amount of playability. You don't have graphical issues, or random crashes, or anything like was appearing in the N64 and PSX compatibility threads. Really, the only thing you can say about DoxBox games is "runs fast enough at XXXmhz" or "doesn't run fast enough even at XXXmhz". With a few exceptions, of course, all of which are listed here.
You'd basically be duplicating work, and only adding a tiny bit of additional information (the minimum clock speed required to run it reasonably fast).
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^Hmmmm. I have run into a few quirks already and just yesterday I had Alien Carnage crash on me three times. And California games 2 doesn't load. It takes you to a menu and your supposed to press 6 to start the game but none of the number keys are responsive. Other games that ask you to do the same thing, no problem. Some games may need specific sound configuration or other tweaks.

I think if people are trying out dos games anyway, you may as well throw your findings up on a list somewhere. Even if it's just a forum thread.
If you take a look at the list I posted, there's a thread in California Games which suggests only CGA (or Tandy) machines work. Set machine=tandy in your config file and try it again.
Alien Carnage is a bit odd. It's listed as fully supported. Perhaps a better solution than trying to maintain a separate list is just assume the official dosbox list is correct until you find something that doesn't line up with it and try to figure out why.