Release Qemu for Pandora (for rebirth competition)

Sorry but for Sims is the Pandora Qemu emulation to slow.

Another Question for all Users here,when you have 100% Legal Qemu Images selfmade,post them here

and i can upload them to the Pandora Qemu Server(and Wiki) when you want.

I can Make little Videos too while trying them.

Musst be 100% Freeware(no Abbandonware)

Can be other Os Versions like DamnSmall Linux or so.

Freedos or DRDos Games.

When you want you can help to make free Qemu Images for all and Post it here in this Thread,

after a Test from me that they are 100% legal,we can Upload it for all Pandora Users and all Qemu Users ^_^

Help is ever welcome :D

or when you have more Tips with Dos Freeware Games,post them and when i have Time i try to make Images for you :)
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It needs more Investigation if "Stunt Island" is freeware now. I've heared that it may be Abbandonware but just to be sure. A Demo of course would be nice to see if it even runs on Pandora. "Stunt Island" was an quite Unique game, you were able to make your own stunts with airplanes, setting scenarios, props, Camera and cut it into movies. I still have the Game, including the big Manual. But like always, I have not much talent to bring this into a propper QEMU image. ^^""
Is it possible to get a cd rom driver for win98se that isn't limited by the DOS 8 character filename limit? This is necessary for games such as roller coaster tycoon 1 unless i copy the disk to the HDD but its require in RCT2
Is it possible to get a cd rom driver for win98se that isn't limited by the DOS 8 character filename limit? This is necessary for games such as roller coaster tycoon 1 unless i copy the disk to the HDD but its require in RCT2

The CD drive gets wrongly detected as an IDE HDD in win98. I messed about with this a while back and found that if you go to device manager (right click my computer and go to settings I think or go through control panel) and update the (broken) second IDE driver (it has an exclamation mark), just reinstalling the exact same driver allows you to use an attached CD image in win 98. Sorry if I explained that badly, but it's months since I did it. It only works during that windows session though - rebooting breaks it again, but you can do the same trick of reinstalling the driver again. Don't try installing any different driver or it'll have a hissy fit.

What you might want to do is download the freeware magicdisc (google it) - there's a version that works under windows 98 and you can attach many kinds of CD image (ISO, NRG etc...) and it acts exactly like a real CD drive. Create compressed images using the magicdisc software to make smaller images and save HDD space! Hope that helps. IT is also useful for attaching 3 or 4 iso's to save disc swapping in big games.

I might try and get round to messing about with this stuff again, but found 98 to be intollerably slow compared to plain old DOS/win3.1.
Yes IDE Driver Detecting is little buggy in Qemu but we solved nearly all CDROM detection Problems with the Dos Driver ;)

On Sunday i will be in the Gamescom too and i bring Coffe with me.

Anyone other with a Requestion for a Game to test on Qemu? :D
Here a Video,that the Game runs perfectly with SoundBlaster/Adlib support on qemu.

But this Game is no Freeware and i cannot release an Image.

Here see you that it should work perfectly on your own Pandora :)
Looks indeed pretty smooth, like in the old days I've played it onto my 386 PC. Difference is, I only had Speaker Sound there. :D Stunt Island also supported Disneys "SoundSource" thingy, pretty rare device afaik.

The Game may be Abandonware (the self running demo films you can make are freeware) but of course I still have the Diskettes. Actualy, I still have the enitre Box, including the large Poster of the Isand. The Manual was also pretty nice and well made. Nobody does stuff like this today anymore.
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I will, but don't have time until after the weekend. But good to hear that you did someing new :)
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I got my Pandora some days ago and can't stop playing with qemu, it's sooo nice :) I'm installing my good old DOS and Windows 95 games. Many thanks to the developpers, it's awesome !
I have an issue though. It seems qemu can't emulate multitrack cd-rom. For example I have a game CD (LBA) which has game data on the first track, and then some music tracks.

Problem is, we can't rip multitrack into ISO format. Is there a way to make an iso with audio tracks ? Or to make qemu emulate them from files (WAV, OGG) ?
Yes thats right.

Sorry but this Qemu Version only support Iso Images.

On the Gamescom prepared i many Sticks with Games but i had most Images ripped to .bin and that was a big Failure.

You must Rip as Iso.

Rename the Image from .bin to .iso doesnt work also.

Thanks for the Honour,but sorry for that Qemu doesnt support Bin/Cue Files ;)

EDIT:Maybe you can mount the BIN/CUE as Virtual Drive on Pandora and when i know right,is there a

Command to use the "Real"(so the mounted Bin) as CDROM Drive in Qemu.

But i dont know that Command.You can find it out with Qemu Manager for Windows.

Use there a real CDROM Drive and see what was last Command with CDROM

That can be a Solve for that Problem ;)
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It's a great idea. I didn't knew that I can mount an image as virtual drive on Pandora. I'll test it soon and let you know the result !
cdemu seems to be a good candidate. However, I can't find an option in Qemu to mount a real cd-rom drive. The option exists in qemu manager for Windows, but apparently not in pandora version.
here is my Oputput from Qemu Manager using Real Drive F:

"C:\Programme\QemuManager\qmqemu0-14-1\qemu.exe" -L "C:\Programme\QemuManager\qmqemu0-14-1" -M "pc" -m 384 -cpu "pentium" -vga cirrus -serial vc -parallel vc -name "ReactOS" -drive "file=G:\QemuImages\DungeonKeeper.qcow2,index=0,media=disk" -cdrom "F:" -boot order=cd,menu=off -soundhw sb16 -net none -no-hpet -no-acpi -balloon none -localtime

and here is

-cdrom "F:"

Mount no Image File,try to choose the File /dev/cdrom in the Gui

or what your Mounted Image File in /dev creates.

I have not tried it,but it should work,then when you have mounted a CDROM Image in Linux must be a /dev/cdrom or so :)

I am exited/happy that it maybe work,write your Results please here ;)
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