Serious Slowdown While Using The Touch?


May 8, 2005
Did you notice that too or is it just my device is defunct?

I tried to play some games that uses the touch, for example Puzsion. If I hold the touch stick on the screen, in any place, from the menu to the in-game, everything slows-down and the sound stutters-breaks, it's a slow hell. This means, whenever there is a continous touch event, things slow down dramatically. It also happens with every other game, for example that game with the monkey (eek eek hook something) but there you need to click once, while in puzsion you have to select and slide through sequences of same tiles. So it's very noticable on Puzsion and annoying (even though I am addicted to this game).

So, do you have this problem too? Is it something that could be fixed in a new firmware release? Maybe it only happens with BenguDev (because most of these games use it)? Or maybe it only happens in my Caanoo?
I noticed it first in Puzsion as well. But I thought it was just that one game.
But it does seem to be system wide! Open a photo, zoom in and try to pan around with the stylus ... its unusably slow.
Let's see what get's patched up in the upcoming firmware.
I think that's down to the software more than anything, I can't say I really had any touchscreen problems playing Battlejewels or Propis.
I just noticed it could be a more general problem, possible hardware or firmware.

Open a game or emulator that doesn't use the stylus at all and keep touching the screen. You will still notice this very much. Mame slows down graphics and sound like hell the (I don't know if it supports the touch for some games but the games I tried didn't), Quake doesn't break the sound but you can see some slow down when moving smooth near the walls. Other homebrew games that do or do not use the stylus show this too. It's like any event to the touch slows down the hardware or something like that.

I hope a fix will be found for this. Hopefully a firmware update. I hope this is not a hardware bug that cannot be currently fixed.
there is a problem with the touch screen in general. it is a driver problem and i'm told that GPH are working on correcting it. it's more noticeable in games that use ogg or mp3 because those files also slow down the game. this is why i removed the music from danger quest monster night. it handles wav files ok, but ogg and mp3 in addition to using the touch screen drag the system to a crawl. hopefully both issues will be fixed soon.
There was a similar issue with the touchscreen of the F200. I don't have a Caanoo so I am not sure if it is a similar problem but the main issue I found was our hardware-accelerated SDL (non-GPH) was polling the touchscreen device file at a very high rate, way higher than the 100hz rate it supposedly was able to use. I instead forced SDL to update at 50hz since that is more than adequate and CPU usage went way down.

It could also be the driver, as mentioned above. The driver might be polling the touchscreen at the maximum rate (100hz I imagine) and it could be streamlined to poll at only half that rate and still be more than adequately responsive. We'd have to look at the source code of the driver.
AFAIK it's fixed in the upcoming firmware update:
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I don't have a caanoo but sounds like the same problem my smartq v5 had on an earlier version of its android firmware. That got fixed in the next version so hopefully this will get fixed. I don't know how bugs like that get through. I know they are small companies but still...
u9i said:
Holding the right shoulder button shows the FPS in Warehouse Panic </shameless ad>. You can clearly see a heavy slowdown when the stylus touches the screen.

Ok, I just checked it. It's fixed in the next firmware. The framerate with the old version 120 goes down to 30 fps when the touchscreen is used. With firmware version 130 I get ca. 65 fps in game and touchscreen pressed.
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Thats bad D:

Should be a function "enabling" and "disabling" touchscreen :/ A touchscreen always on just will make a bad performance
WaltherCool, it is when you actually press it. I don't think people will be pressing the screen when playing a non-touchscreen game, so that should be fine.

But it is pretty bad. I never knew this. I hope it won't affect my ideas too much :)
Hey guys, i'm damn late, just got a smartq v5 but WindowsCE doesn't boot, the official website is down and other driver websites don't work anymore. do anyone of you have the process/drivers for : firmware update + windows CE reinstall ? :/ bit lost here