Sonic & Knuckles HD

It sort of looks like the CryEngine 2 (Crysis)

...So who wants to do a total conversion mod?

EDIT: Is anyone else sad that they didn't go through the special stage ring? ='[
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In theory you could make an emulator which replaced the graphics on the fly with high res ones. This has been done before with at least one emulator I know of which replaced spectrum graphics with new ones.
EDIT: Is anyone else sad that they didn't go through the special stage ring? ='[

After being awed by the graphics (I honestly wasn't expecting much, but WOW), I kind of chuckled that he avoided the special stage. That would have meant more work! lol

@Craig: was that a 2D replacement? Something like this with 3D backgrounds would no doubt take a little more than just replacing tiles, especially with Sonic traveling in front of and behind different sections of the track. It would be nice to have, though. :D
There is open sonic. But I doub't they'd ever go so far as to modify the code to do 3D levels and such, and their game physics are absolutely terrible. :angry:
Funny enough, Sega has actually featured this and have congratulated the guy who did the animation.

Read about it here:

Quote "Truth is we saw it hours ago and think it looks absolutely awesome". Unfortuanatly it would take the guy over 3 years to complete as a game. If only sega didn't just acknowlege but act and hire the guy!

Reading though the comments, its nice to know sega could easily shut down Sonic Retro if they wanted to. But instead, they embrace the fanbase and all of its members and works and everything.

Something i did notice however was this from Sonic Retro:


It looks F**ing quality also. And will be using the unreal engine which, from what i gather, should run on the pandora (clarification needed)
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I'm fairly certain the unreal engine isn't open source.....

It would however be cool if someone could make a sort of 2.5D sonic engine.
Raine can replace graphics(2D only) on a few games, but the replacements are crap

This looks almost exactly like Sonic 4, a real game, coming soon to many consoles. Soooo...