Release The Legend of Sword and Fairy


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Nov 30, 2007
The Legend of Sword and Fairy, a.k.a. Chinese Paladin is a role-playing video game. It incorporates elements of wuxia, shenmo and fantasy.

DOS or Windows version (but not the later remake) game files are required for playing.

Copy the game files to SD card, to dragonbox/appdata/sdlpal directory.


The Windows version was released as freeware - see this page (click on the picture) direct link.
There is an unofficial English translation - see this page (this release works with English translation patch version 3.3).

DPAD - movement
A/Y/Enter/Space - Ok/Search/Speak
B/X/Esc - Menu/Cancel
p - Save Screenshot
Alt+x - Quit

Skill/Item Menu
I - Scroll Up 1 Page
II - Scroll Down 1 Page

Adventure-specific keys
q - Quit Game
w - Equip Item
e - Use Item
s - Status Screen
f - Spell

Battle-specific keys
q - Flee Battle
w - Use Projectiles
e - Use Item
I/r - Repeat Previous Command
II/a - Auto Attack Previous Enemy
s - Status Screen
d - Defend
f - Auto Spell Usage (Strongest)

The configuration GUI provides options for you to change the most common configuration options.
If you launch the game for the first time, it will bring you to the configuration GUI by default.
Once you have saved configurations from the GUI, the GUI will not to show again on subsequent launches.
There are two possibilities to show the configuration GUI again:
1) When exiting the game (using the menu), there is a question whether to really quit - yes or no. There's also a third option, which quits the game, but shows the GUI on subsequent launch.
2) Editing the configuration file (sdlpal.cfg) and changing the option LaunchSetting to 1.