Release VICE EX


Aug 21, 2006
I noticed that an updated port of VICE was posted to the repository 2 days ago.

Here are the notes:

Fresh VICE 2.3 SVN [from april 2012]


- Fullscreen [800x480]

- Disabled Cursor

- Adjusted Keys..

- *.gz'ed and *.zip'ped roms [tape / disk] are supported as well


In Menu:

D-PAD [Pandora]

(X) - Accept

( B) - Cancel

(Y) - Exit

In Game:

D-PAD - Joystick

(X) - Fire



- Fixed PXML [Game > Emulator]

Thanks Commander-beef for the new VICE port! The ability to read zipped ROMs is very handy!

A question for you - Upon executing the PND a message comes up saying "please read license in readme.txt. Accepting the license?" I can't find the file readme.txt in the VICE EX appdata directory. Where is this file and can you confirm what the license is? Thanks! (Just want to know if I'm signing my life away)

Note for anyone running this for the first time that the left trigger is what gets you to the VICE menu. Also the "X" button is what allows you to select items in the menu. This is different behaviour from Pickle's VICE port which uses the Start button to access the menu (handy), and the enter key on the keyboard to select.

Is it possible that the aspect ratio is slightly off? Seems squished slightly vertically.

Also any way to save your ROM directory path so you don't have to find it each time?

- readme.txt it is default document that can be visible for example in minimenu when You press (Y) button, or if you choose it [VICE-EX Readme] in XFCE in "manual menu" [dont know exact name of this menu, because im not using XFCE, but LXDE ].

- Aspect is stretched to full 800x480 because of notaz SDL libs included
It would be nice, if you could offer the option to set the aspect ratio to 4:3 though. Especially for emulators. You can use setenv() before sdl video init for that.
i'll add an option to zenity to use vice fullscreen stretched and/or vice fullscreen 640x480 to keep aspect ratio.
Excellent stuff CB :) I`ll be a happy bunny then. I can start using VIce EX instead of X64 ( extra options and zipped disk support ) :)
Cool, I'll download this when the aspect ratios are fixed, I don't mind black borders, but I prefer the screen to be the right shape! :) [thanks CB!!]
Is it normal that if I try to use a custom fullscreen resolution, and go to edit the height and width I'm not able to write numbers ?

I mean, I can delete the numbers already in there (800 or 600), and I can move de cursor and confirm, but I can't write numbers... so now I have a custom resolution of 800x0 ...
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Yeah this happen to me. When I was trying to fix the squished horizontal..

I deleted my config and started over..
but how can I set it to use a 4:3 resolution ? (if it's possible) It's always difficult for me to accept the aspect of a streched game :unsure:
yes, but it's difficult to play with parameters without seeing the direct result... and if something is set wrong the emulator hang

I think I found for 5 second the right configuration... but then I changed a parameter and crush...

Ok, i think I have found... but you have to activate the options in a CORRECT ORDER or it's a crush...

1) edit the file /appdata/vice-ex/.vice/sdl-vicerc

and edit SDLCustomHeight = 600

to SDLCustomHeight = 480

2) Start the emulator and from the menu go to Video settings -> Size settings

and do these things in THIS ORDER:

- Fullscreen *

- Double size * (after selecting it DON'T TOUCH IT ANYMORE !!!)

- Double scan * (if is not already selected)

- Custom * (In the Fullscreen Mode section)

- Fullscreen (deselect it)

- Fullscreen * (again, untill you see that the video is no more stretched)
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Thanks - just started using my pandora again after an enforced break, and was thinking of attempting to figure the aspect ratio thing out for myself. Great emulator - hopefully we'll see other commodore machines like the +4 and 128 get updated too.

EDIT: I changed my fire button to "A" (joystick button "A"). Is there an easy way to map button "X" as space bar? Any easy ways to map other buttons to "Y" and "B"?
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