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what's the point of using an emulator on android if standard pandora emulators are already excellent? :wacko:
Oh woops, I only read the thread title, not the category. Thought this was a Pandora video collection thread for preparing for the new site or something.
Don't understand :huh:

What did you mean with terga 3 shooter ? That's the variant, the Pandora loads from Market. The gamedata size that the app downloads depends on the hardware, that will be detected and that can vary between 400-900MB. The game isn't tegra3 only. I bought it only to test, because there was a 0,69 € offer at this time.

I think, that is the problem, because some reports messed graphic, because they are using files for wrong hardware.
Cool, Ingo has a 4:3 Pandora screen! :D

Nice to see Minecraft mobile on the Pandora, it seems to rune fine enough, many people don't have better frame rates on their PC with this game. ^^
Hello i've made a Video from the Game : Dungeon Hunter HD
runnin on the Pandora 1GHz Unit (Clockspeed @1GHz in the Video),
Using the Touchscreen and Stylus to play.

The Game also runs good on the CC Pandora from my Brother with 256MB of Ram.
by overclocking a bit, using a created Swapfile (i tested it with a 512MB Swapfile)
and for Android a Task Killer App to kill some Apps in the Background
that are not needed for Gaming.

Dungeon Hunter only supports Touchscreen, maybe with the GameKeyboard App
it is possible to use the Pandora Controls instead of the Touchscreen,
but it is still good playable with Touchscreen and Stylus.
Dungeon Hunter is a nice Game similar like Torchlight or Diablo on PC i think :) .

(Video was made with a custom builded Composite TV-Out Cable)


Grand theft Auto 3 + Max Payne
Running on the Pandora 1 GHz Unit
(clocked to 1,21 GHz).
Max Payne also runs good on the Rebirth Pandora (512MB)
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I just bought Heroes of Ruin for my 3ds. Needed some dungeon crawling on the go, but damn if this doesn't look much better.
Idea: Someone should totally create an android app that makes use of Pandora's controls in touchscreen games for the appstore (Google Play)!
Idea: Someone should totally create an android app that makes use of Pandora's controls in touchscreen games for the appstore (Google Play)!

Isn't that what the game keyboard app that ED mentions in other Android threads is supposed to do? Map touchscreen inputs to keyboard presses? I'm waiting for my 1gigger to arrive before trying out Android more
How about some Online gaming on the Pandora ?! ^_^

Here is a new Video, playing Counter- ehh... Critical-Strike Portable
or called CS Portable online over WiFi on the Pandora:

Tested on the 1GHz Unit and the CC Pandora 256MB,
on both it runs good. Using the D-Pad for W,A,S,D,
left Shoulder Button for Shot, the "1" Key for Crouch,
"2" Key is Jump, "R" Key = Reload ...etc, and on the
Right Hand the Stylus only for Aim and navigate the

(Video was made with a custom build Composite TV-Out Cable)

CS Portable is a Free 2 play Game on the Google play Store:

Can also be played offline with WiFi off in Single-Player mode,
using Bot's as opponent, but online it makes more fun .
:wub: :)

There are many options to Setup the Keyboard, Graphics.. etc.
I've also read that the Game would supports Gamepad and Mouse,
but havn't tested it if Android recognizes their over a USB-Hub.

That would be nice, Pandora connected to TV, WiFi on , plugged to
a Hub with external Keyboard and Mouse, an than Let's play CS together ^^

or mobile on the go , connected to Internet over Bluetooth Tethering /
WLan Tethering over a Smart Phone or something.

Greetings , Shao
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