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Self loathing is like peeing yourself: For a little while it's warm and comforting but then it's just cold and unpleasant. - dude from the web
Half man, half Delorian. He transforms when there's a full moon.
"He's not transforming!" - "Well, that's no moon"
The ManDelorean out in cinema's now.
It looks like not a technical issue, perhaps a Tmobile issue, seems the modem is 'incompatible' with Tmobile service, might be the plan on my sim. Have to call them, Thanks for your attention, much appreciated.

Last christmas, I gave you my preorder
but the very next day, there was a 2 month delay.
This year, to save me from tears,
I've bought colored nubs, 'cause they're special.
Langeweile, eh?
Bin alleine im Laden und es ist nicht sooooo viel los ^^
Ok, das ich stellenweise 16 Jahre alte Threads rauskrame ist natürlich nicht die feine englische Art, aber da England ja aus der EU raus geht ist mir das ein kleines bisschen egal ^^
If the Pyra was a fish, it would be a PYRAnha!
wouldn't the small screen mean one would have to scroll waaaay to much to see long legs?
I dont know, but i heard somewhone even used his PSP for this.. ^^
Hoppla, i saw to late that this was just a Profile Message ^^
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