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    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    Horizon Chase Turbo Barry Leitch. \o/ and Life Goes On: Done to Death.
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    Down the relativistic rabbit-hole (Split from official news)

    At first sight, I thought this was the news section of the Pyra forum. I was obviously wrong.
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    Anyone still on here?

    Mine is still working fine, but I'm not using it more than once every one or two months these days.
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    Release [GP2X] Heart of the Alien Redux

    I'd be interested in a Wiz or Caanoo version. Unfortunately I'm not able to give it a try myself atm. It's obviously beyond belief for some people here that not everyone's owning a Pandora.
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    Release [GP2X] Heart of the Alien Redux

    Does it work with Ginge?
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    The Rabbit Joint

    Hello, hello, hello     Is there anybody out there, is this the last time I have to say goodbye, Am I staring at my future, Is it time to take charge of my life, Is there anybody out there Am I swimming through this empty sea alone, Am I looking for an answer, or am I trying to find a way to...
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    The Rabbit Joint

    btw: Is anyone (who's still around here from time to time) able to host some of the files on a server?  I'm pretty sure a lot of the files here are already lost, since not every file was uploaded to the site.
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    The Rabbit Joint

    I hope everyone will find the new home.
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    Waiting For My Gp32

    Hey, I'm not the last man on earth watching this forum from time to time.  :)  :(
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    Dosbox Game Test

    I guess trying to get the Atari ST or even C64 version to work might be a better solution than waiting for a fix for DosBox.
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    Drpocketsnes 6.5.0 Save States Not Working

    I'm glad you were able to get it working again.    One more word about the ini files. If you edit (or just even open and save) them you have to save the file in Unix code, or the Caanoo won't be able to recognize them anymore.   In Notepad++ you'll find it in preferences-> New Document/Default...
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    Drpocketsnes 6.5.0 Save States Not Working

    Did you edit the ini files included in the zip file?   What version of firmware are you using?
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    Drpocketsnes 6.5.0 Save States Not Working

    I've uploaded version 7.2 of Pocketsnes including ini-files for compatible and fast mode. Unfortunately I had to use a filehoster since you can only upload files up to 1000KB here and the zip is 1301KB.   I hope this will work for you.  
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    Drpocketsnes 6.5.0 Save States Not Working

    1. Did you try to change from fast to campatible mode and vice versa? I'm not talking about the sound option inside the emulator. You'll have to start a different file inside the folder. Making a second ini file is the easiest way to get both versions at a time. 2. Did you try the latest version...
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    Caanoo Original Software Torrent

    I bought my first Caanoo pretty early in october 2010 and at that time it came with download codes for the games. You had to use a (bad and buggy) software from GPH to copy it to the device and you had to enter the serial number of the Caanoo. I have no idea how they managed DRM when they...