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    It's software this time!

    Did you mean the hard case that's currently on sale on the shop? I still have mine, was asking in case it was the other one that used to be available. Is there really so little size difference between the two?
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    Looking to buy a 1GHz Pandora

    Ah. Thanks for letting me know - I didn't realise the LCD cables were an issue. TBH, I'm still interested as I miss my one.
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    Looking to buy a 1GHz Pandora

    Hi guys, long time fan of the site here. I posted a couple of times on the guest board as "Gaz". I had a Pandora, but lost it a few years ago and couldn't buy a replacement. I'm looking to buy one if possible. I'm looking for a 1GHz model, like the one I had. I still have the charger, case...