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    WTB: Pyra

    To the 100 or so that have one, and not finding yourself using it as much as you anticipated? Need some spare change? Would prefer not to wait another year for the preorder queue to be completed. Shipping to USA. Thanks!
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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    Problem is at this rate (being almost half way through 2021), that first 500 queue could stretch us into Q4 2021 or even 2022 if slowdown.. My fear is that the rollout is TOO slow too late, and that without a massive rollout the community will be extremely small and little hype will be created...
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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    At this pace you're probably looking at preorders being filled the remainder of the year. If you're #1000 or so, until production gets exported, you're (probably) going to be waiting a long time. Even if ED 3x'd his production pace according to this thread, you're probably still looking at Q4...
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    Which software do you miss on Pyra?

    I completely agree with that, at the time it was a cool novelty. Though in both aspects... I don't think the Pandora was up to the task-- it was a bit too late in the game for the Android install itself. There was no Modem/GPRS, and was crippled with such little RAM on top of Angstrom. Perhaps...
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    Which software do you miss on Pyra?

    "Should" be pretty easy... really it's just going to be a Chroot using the same Kernel... Which would be sick as that would give GPS passthrough for something like OpenStreetMaps renderers or Garmin for a datalogger/GPS... 24K Topo maps would be beyond cool on the Pyra. But yes, Android I feel...
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    Brief Answers to the Big (Pyra) Questions

    I've not seen (pardon me if posted elsewhere) any information on cross compatibility for PND's? I'm aware that the Debian has divergences from Angstom (SZ), but would this be doable with some sort of compatibility wrapper perhaps in the works? Obviously the Debian ecosystem for ARM v7 is pretty...
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    Replacement Casing for Rebirth

    Let me know if you need one 3D Printed, I've made quite a few myself. Or additionally, you can have one custom made in something like a SLA resin or polycarbonate for ~$120 (I'm talking all parts nubs, upper, lower cases, stylus holder, stylus, battery door).
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    Tales of an Assembly

    Since it sounds like replacement cases (prototype and not) are going to be readily available in some capacity, I don't think a small tolerance issue like that is much of an issue. Plenty of documentation on case replacement, and with the low cost of the cases from DragonBox, probably would give...
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    Tests, tests, and more tests.

    Wow! This is so exciting, I can't wait! 2.5W of power consumption is pretty impressive! I'll take 9 hours of battery life any day of the week! Thanks for the update ED.
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    Hardware Somewhere to find 3D Models of Chassis Plastics?

    Howdy, I'm working on making some prototype parts for the Pyra (Cases, among some other things), is there somewhere I can find the actual models to the molds for the plastics? I'd like to have a little confidence that the parts will be accurate to the actual device size before I make more higher...
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    WTS: Used Platinum Rebirth (fixed)

    PM sent.
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    Hardware AC Adapter port failure

    I solely use the MiniUSB port, with a 5.1v 2100Mah Adapter I'm more than happy with the charge times. Highly recommend this approach. If you broke a solder joint on the Adapter plug you should be able to see some amount of movement, or be able to push in certain directions and see that it will...
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    JXD S192

    Looks like they where going after the Razer edge design with the Game Pad. Regardless, the K1 is a monster of an ARM SoC. Once we get quad/octa A72's in the market, we'll start seeing enough power under the hood for last gen emulation.
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    Pyra Favorite Color

    I don't care what anyone says, that clear case is beautiful. It totally shows off all the hard work that went into designing the device. I really don't want to see "Another" black/grey/silver device, lets step outside of the box for a bit.
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    Intel abandons future Atom line of processors

    Well, the reason (I believe) for this disaster of the Atom line is the Architecture implementation in terms of the software environment. Whether you like it or not, Android is a pretty slick piece of software. That is demonstrated by the HUGE acceptance in the smartphone market, and market...