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  • Currently playing Bioshock for the first time. Good game, but I'm a bit too receptive to the oppressive and stressful ambiance :p
    Watched the first episode of "Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt"… It looks like a mature and perverted "Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi". I love it! :D
    Not a good day… Tired, don't feel well. I had things to do, they'll have to wait tomorrow :S.
    Just launched WipeOut HD. Conclusions : I have to get back to the start, I can't pilot anymore…
    A few days ago, I was awfully sleepy and right now I can't sleep. Got to love my fucked up sleep cycle! \o/
    I hope DHL won't fuck up my delivery … in a few hours.
    I mean, I should have been able to tinker with my µcontroller kit for the whole w-e.
    Just ate a bowl of instant noodles… added too much curry powder! MOUTH IS BURNING >.<
    Ho, well going to stick with #Itsy for a while. If I'm not frustraded by the limitations, I'll keep it as my only twitter client.
    I was wondering why Nambu (mac twitter client) wasn't updated anymore. It's been dropped by the devs. It was the only client I liked :(
    It's funny, all those ppl swearing against the pirates. Because, the guilt is equally shared between sony and the pirates. Pirate ≠ Hacker
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