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    Trying To Get In Touch With Alex

      Hi SQ!   Hope this helps.   There was a thread on the OpenPandora forum.
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    Gp2X Problem

    Mine sometimes had the problem that some rechargeable batteries were just too small and didn't make good contact. You could try to compare with non-rechargeables.  
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    After All This Time...

    GP2X is still a very nice device if you don't need the more demanding emulators (e.g. PSX) and programs. Having wifi, 2 SD cards, good battery life, keyboard on the Pandora is a fantastic upgrade though. IMO Pandora is a very capable device with a great repository of software. I don't agree...
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    Re-Layout Of

    I agree, this forum is pretty much useless as it now for me.
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    Re-Layout Of

    I agree too. I am not very interested in Canoo and Wiz info, but I like to read any GP2X stuff (or even GP32x - even if I have never owned one :) ) For Pandora info I usually go to the Pandora forum. Personally I don't think these changes are an improvement.
  6. B - Future

    I hope so, but even if he does I still think is a better domain name and a transfer would be wise. Luckily there is no need to rush anything now.
  7. B - Future

    I should continue to transfer the forum to and redirect people who visit this site to Also the fact that Hando is the owner of a site he doesn't care about anymore doesn't sound good to me for future developments.
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    I don't agree. See XDA developers.
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    Not totally true. I am pretty sure if you don't have posting members the site will be shutdown in a few years. TBH I don't see how you will manage to make the site more popular then EDs'. That said, I like a really impartial site with information regarding open handhelds. Waiting for content...
  10. B - Future is a great name and can be used for all kind of devices and future proof. I think a section for the Pandora is still a good idea, even when it is almost not used. This forum could be some kind of portal for everyone trying to find information of all kind of open handhelds and...
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    Lol - Banned From Openpandora Forums

    Why feel for the OP team? The demand for the Pandora is still higher than what they can produce. Ed found investors and they are planning to make money. People are paying a lot more for this device then they would ever do for something with similar specs. Target market is a niche market of...
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    Gamegadget. Anyone Seen This?

    Indeed. Not sure what to think of it, maybe they are just inspecting the market. The concept seems ok, but I don't think retrogamers will buy one. They are already used to emulators, installing roms and do a bit of customising. For "Joe Average" this could be a nice solution. Price for the...
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    Release Super Geometry Dust

    Hard as hell, but amazingly fun. Thanks!
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    Underappreciated Games That Need A Sequel

    You retrogamers should stop living in the past! That said, there is only one game that needs a sequel and that is: Samantha Fox Strip Poker.
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    Release Audiorace

    Played this game more than was good for me :) The potential this game has is huge and a lot of features could be added. After playing it with a lot of songs I have some comments/requests: - Would be nice to see the game preloaded with some music and pre-defined highscores. Doesn't have to be...