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    Rott Gp2x V0.2 (rise Of The Triad)

    Now THATS why i love my GP2X! :-) This game never made it to Pocket PC properly, but with this Port i can play one of my All-Time Faves again! Thanks alot Puck2099!
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    Uae4all Gp2x 0.7.2

    The only Game i didnt find working yet out of all those i testet was Elvira - The Arcade Game... Crappy to some... A Classic to others because of your truely Elvira... :D It totally freezes my GP2X during loading. Otherwise an awesome emulator... Can you port it to Windows Mobile too? B)
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    Race! With Fullscreen Scaling (rough, Hw) Released

    YAY! I will also start my private little CFC Marathon... hehe
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    Psx4gp2x Public Beta 5 Released

    Resident Evil 1 DC and Resident Evil 3 worked quite well for me, not playable at full speed still, but quite good. Parasite Eve worked quite well as well and i will play that a little bit more (again) since this is one of my fave games. Resident Evil 2 crashed, but maybe i made a bad dump of...
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    An Interview With Notaz!

    That got my attention quicker then the interview.... :D I am addicted to Card Fighters Clash... :rolleyes:
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    Picodrive 1.31

    I tested 43 games and only 2 turned out not working: Shadow of the Best II: crashes when you walk to the left where that guy is caputred by that bird like creature. Dungeon Explorer: Intro works, then comes up the Screen Jojo´s Bar. Music is playing but nothing happens. Even Wing Commander...
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    Gpsp2x Goes Public With V9008!

    Kingdom Hearts freezes everytime in the same spot during the intro. First you see the Hero, the Pluto and the screen starts to get funky colors and blocks, and then you see Goofy and then it freezes... Might be another reason tough since its a video?
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    [gba] New Beta Of Gpsp2x! Very Fast & Better Sound!

    I donated 20 Bucks as well! :-) Keep up the amazing work please !!! :-)
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    Heretic2x Released

    Maybe because the original Game was using 320x200 Pixels as well? Stretching it to 320x240 would stretch it and mess up the proportions of the graphics.
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    Snowed In 5 - Flaked Out!

    I bet all the Schnaps was real as well... ;) Some of my german friends were offended by the video... :-P
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    Gp2x Handy V0.1g, Atari Lynx Emu

    I have a GP2X, gut i also got a Gizmondo... :-) Is the Source available for the Gizmondo Port? I am sure TheReaperUK (who ports alot of stuff to the Giz) would know how to speed it up? Best regards, Damien
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    I Got Gpsp (gba) Running With Sound!

    Yes there is, use the left shoulderbutton luke... uhhhhhmGodmil... :P
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    I Got Gpsp (gba) Running With Sound!

    Could it be possible that some Games run SLOWER with the fast Version? It seems to me that Aria Of Sorrow runs better with the normal Version?
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    New Vba-r Version

    The very first release had one i heard?
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    Chuky Quest (the Treasure Of Chuky) Released

    Since my knowledge of the spanish language is unavilable right now, (okay, i never learned it), i will hope for an english version of this game... :-)