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    The Keyboard Thread

    I suddenly understand the weird looks I get when I mention my headphones, AMP/DAC, DAP, and FLAC collection....
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    Free Steam game for a short while: Monaco What's Yours is Mine

    also, walking dead season 1 free as well
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    Sensors in the Pyra

    It might not be doable at this stage of the project, but I must say, this is how one should ask for features in the future.
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    Suggestion: Weekly YouTube videos

    You shouldn't promote something that doesn't exist.
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    Need help finding song!

    You made me log in for this, thanks.
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    Understanding the lurkers

    Wow, that sounds disturbingly like me.
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    My expectations VS the reality.

    Can you code any of these things?
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    Thank you to the moderators!

    The mods are great. Except for Wally. He's a wallaby.
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    Where to get episodes from a classic old TV show?

    Nothing on the scene pirate side.
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    Pyra and Pandora lovers music
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    Note 7 : What is Samsung trying to say?

    Same thing they've been wanting to say for years now. Stop buying Apple phones.
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    PSP vs Pyra

    Also, Frogatto is available for the Pandora, let alone Pyra
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    Projector TV's

    I use a Viewsonic pro8200. It's great and has enough of inputs on it, but I would recommend also getting a receiver for it. It can get pretty walk in a room that's on the 2nd floor, and it does get noisy as most projectors. FWIW, I use open back headphones with it, and I have no issue with the...