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    Sales DragonBox Shop Not Responding to Ticket?

    Yes, my ticket did get answered. Thanks EvilDragon
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    Sales DragonBox Shop Not Responding to Ticket?

    I submitted a Ticket on August 30, 2020 and have not received a response from the DragonBox Shop. How long do they take to respond? Thanks
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    Production Pyra photos/videos/thoughts thread

    I am with Grench on this. Please don't default analog controls as mouse buttons.
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    Does Pyra use the Same Hinge as Pandora?

    Good that the screen angle is like a Nintendo DS. My main issue with the Pandora was the 180 degree hinge. I swapped my Pandora's hinge axle with one for the origional DS to decrease the screen angle and it works great. I coverted my Pre-preorder (#117) into a Pyra Preorder today. An original...
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    Does Pyra use the Same Hinge as Pandora?

    Hi, Does the Pyra use exactly the same hinge axle as the Pandora? Are they the same part? Does it only lock open at 180 degrees? Thanks
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    Firefox on Android

    I'm running Fennec F-Droid in the mean time. It is based on the last Firefox 68.11.0 before this 79 mess. I had to set up all my add-ons again. Thankfully the NoScript and uBlock in Firefox can export their settings which can be imported into Fennec.
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    Trying out C instead of C++, could use help.

    What is your target C level? "//" in-line comments came in C99. I originally learned // in-line comments as a C++ only thing change them to /* comments */ and see if that is it
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    The Pandora Port Request Thread

    Hi, Is it possible to use the source code from Rogue Collection to compile the individual PC Rogue v1.48 found in the Rogue Collection for the Pandora? PC Rogue v1.48 runs...
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    The Pandora Port Request Thread

    Requesting TuxGuitar for the Pandora please. "TuxGuitar is a multitrack guitar tablature editor and player written in Java-SWT, It can open GuitarPro, PowerTab and TablEdit files." Thank you all for keeping...
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    Raspberry Pi 3

    I learned programming on the Timex Sinclair 1000. This interactive instructional site covers the programming things you mentioned: Program Arcade Games With Python And Pygame
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    X-Wing remade in Unity, reading the original game files

    I still have my CH Flightstick Pro and IBM model M13 keyboard to play the classic games with. Both are excellent in DOSBox. This is very good news.
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    The Pandora Port Request Thread

    The mp3 playback is working good so far. I started at 1:00pm today and will let it run for a few days. Thanks!!!
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    The Pandora Port Request Thread

    Thanks a lot guys! I can test it if you want.