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    Shipping Estimate?

    Yay ! it left a sorting place in New Jersey, hopefully it be at my place in the next couple days :) The package just arrived!!!
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    Shipping Estimate?

    I just phoned up the usps they told me the package is still in Germany ... Thank you for your help hopefuly it arrives here soon.
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    It might just be best instead of using a solvent just use sandpaper. That way when you paint your case the paint will stick better and you dont have to worry about weakening the plastic of the case.
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    Shipping Estimate?

    Origin Post is Preparing Shipment We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece. ^ Does this means its in customs? ^ I saw that message when I check usps website using the tracking number given by dhl
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    Shipping Estimate?

    Thank you for the response
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    I believe I read somewhere that, the case was changed so that internal structures within the case will be support certain stress points. Dunno if removing the paint will make it more prone to cracking though.   
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    Shipping Estimate?

    HI ED, I placed an ordered for a 1ghz pandora on August 30, with dhl as the carrier. How much longer do I have to wait for it ? Also when it reaches my door is it dhl or the local postoffice that actually drops off the package? (It has been stuck on the processing in parcel center for about a...
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    EvilDragon - Overload ;)

    Didn't Pandora's jar also gave people hope ?
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    Is there a problem with Dragon Box Shop?

    A 1ghz pandora from dragonbox is 452,94 € which is about 600 usd or 630 cad (I converted the usd to cad through an online currency converter not through the site itself) Note - Shipping is extra though
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    Pandora Pandora as Bluetooth keyboard?

    See the masterboard thread its still wip but I think that's your best bet
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    Another alternate solution: accepting an item that's of lesser value

    But where would the money come from to pay for the gcw-zeros ? Are you suggesting using the donation money to send them out?
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    Android "Backend" for Linux?

    ^ Oh thank you, I don't go on 4chan ...
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    Android "Backend" for Linux?

    What's /g/ ?  Also this has nothing to do with android on pandora..... Wouldn't this be better in offtopic ? (I think more people would see it)
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    Kickstarter Partner?

    I'm just curious, why won't you just ask your parents to be your partner(s)?
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    Qemu and Windows whats the best version to run

    okay thanks for the help