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    SOLD-Silver 1Ghz Pandora

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    SOLD-Silver 1Ghz Pandora

    ran model check, shows it is the 1GHz model
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    SOLD-Silver 1Ghz Pandora

    Thank you that's reassuring to know,
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    SOLD-Silver 1Ghz Pandora

    I noticed inside it says rebirth, but it is 1ghz unit see the screen picture below. It says rebirth inside, i didn't question it, If those are the only three categories, then my conclusion would be that at some point in its history the shell case was changed to the case it has today, which...
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    SOLD-Silver 1Ghz Pandora

    Sure thing, I will do that this morning for you. I also re-flashed the OS to fresh install, it is set ready to input details for set up on the "opened pandora screen", your password entry etc... comes with a 4GB SD card. if you want more pictures of the unit switched on just let me know :)...
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    SOLD-Silver 1Ghz Pandora

    I am interested in selling my 1Ghz pandora. it comes with two batteries (1x battery case) original stylus and an after market charger. it also has a spare key board mat and a spare screen cable. I replaced the screen cable and speakers in the pandora this week and is now working great, prior to...
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    I have a 1Ghz silver pandora rebirth. I just refurbished this unit with a brand new screen cable...

    I have a 1Ghz silver pandora rebirth. I just refurbished this unit with a brand new screen cable and the x button has also been replaced. it also has a spare battery in it's battery case.The screen has no scratches, the outside has signs of use around the shoulder buttons. I saw your request for...
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    Wanted memory card set up with see below

    I bought a pandora on eBay that is flashed and has no instructions. I set up picodrive and played toejam and earl 2 and populous. Issue arrised that saves states are not appearing when I need to load them. I blame this on the directory of files perhaps not being set up properly. I am very aware...
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    How to set up Hard Disks with UAE4ARM/UAEAll

    Hello, I just bought a pandora and am very new to this, never used linux before, all new. I am on stage 1 of this process and I need a little help. the instructions state to alter the file names of some files, to these files listed below. please forgive my absolute newbnessn but which of the...
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    WTB: Anyone Have A Pandora For Sale?

    Is this pandora still for sale ?
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    FS: Black 1GHz Pandora + Extras

    Am interested in ordering a silver pandora 1 ghz
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    Progress of DirectX 11 in WINE

    I hope wine wine works to some degree with the pyra as running windows games like age of empires 2 and dwarf fortress are a large reason why I ordered the pyra. I have seen a blog about a person who set up his pandora to play DF, he said that he used x86 arm emulation software. I'm not a boffin...
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    I'm interested in this device to play dwarf fortress on. and have pre ordered my pyro :)

    I'm interested in this device to play dwarf fortress on. and have pre ordered my pyro :)
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    Finalizing everything!

    Pyrat, that table makes much more sense. Pyra Standard Edition 2 GB Total: 500.00 EUR + 19% VAT 95.00 EUR = 595 EUR + shipping (1st payment: 330 EUR 2nd payment: 265 EUR + shipping) Pyra Standard Edition 4 GB Total: 529.41 EUR + 19% VAT 100.59 EUR = 630 EUR + shipping (1st payment: 330...
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    Finalizing everything!

    not a pre pre order. just a pre order, you add to basket at it shows the full price 745 eur, then you go to checkout shows then it changes to the pre order 400 eur. i think that it should be a bit clearer at the add to basket page, as people could like myself get mistaken into thinking that 745...