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    Jxd Gaming Devices Google Play

    I have the s5110b and it comes with android 4.1 and works fine with google play.  
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    Picodrive 1.80

    Is there any chance of picodrive being ported to android with hardkey support? If anything it will help stop people paying for md.emu which uses picodrives code. There is a port of an earlier version available on a russian site and it runs good but controls don't work
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    Good old ZX81 has been hard at work porting some of his emulators to JXDs601 so I'm no longer on the lookout for the Vectrex emulator. Thank You ZX
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    New Android Based Portable Consoles

    soundlag is more to do with the emulator than the hardware. If the video maker wants sound fixed he should try md.emu . I get soundlag in vice but not frodo. I think what the android systems lack is the emulator devs from the gp2x scene
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    I don't think controls are that much of an issue. There are emulators already available which are doing well with touch screen controls and hard screen mapping. There is even a sega emulator available with some cd support but it's not as compatible as picodrive for the cd games. I agree that it...
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    Not much happens in the android threads so I thought I'd put up a request and see if I get any response. Would someone find it in there heart to make Android ports of some of the GP2X/WIZ/Caanoo emulators? In particular Picodrive - Can't find a decent Mega CD emulator on Android BBC - There is...
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    Picodrive Mega Cd Format

    Check the read me files for full support details, however I use ISO files. Some need the MP3 files separate there are instructions on how to do this (as well as compressing tips) in the read me too. For the games that freeze try changing the mega cd emulation settings. Some features need...
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    Emulation Questions And Possible Wiz/caanoo Comparison

    Yeah do look around at different android devices before choosing. I only mentioned the JXD s601 because that's what I have experience with. Price was also an issue for me as I had already purchased the Caanoo. JXD S601 was the cheapest option and did all I needed
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    Emulation Questions And Possible Wiz/caanoo Comparison

    I would consider an Android> I have the JXD S601 myself and when compared to my caanoo we have Arcade Coin-ops - JXD wins. Faster on games like MK1 and Outrun Commodore 64 - JXD wins for speed. Though there is a sound delay problem using Vice Spectrum 48k - JXD Wins. The emulator I use...
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    Vice - Using The Caanoo Built In Joystick Pad

    I think it was supposed to be port 1 for joysticks as the earlier games tended to opt for this. However port 1 did interfere with the keyboard when some joysticks were used so they later opted for port 2.
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    I Am Really Confused.... About Caanoo.. To Buy It Or Not

    In a few years when China takes over the world you won't have a choice so you might as well start buying the electronics now :lol: When I was looking around I found JXD to be cheaper than Yinlips with not too much difference in what they offered gamewise. JXD s601 is perfect for the games...
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    I Am Really Confused.... About Caanoo.. To Buy It Or Not

    Don't bother. Go for the JXD S601. It's got better support and it's cheaper
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    Picodrive Willie Beamish Problem

    Just tried Willie Beamish on picodrive for the Caanoo and the colours seem to be wrong. I'm not sure if that's how it's meant to be or if it's a problem with the emulator. They start off fine but when the games intro story starts it looks wrong
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    Is The Caanoo For Me? Or Do I Ask Too Much?

    For outrun wait and see. There are some developments going on with Mame and FBA . Check the news thread for more info Dosbox can be hard to setup but some of them games should be available on the PS1 PSX Emulation is not perfect however some games work without issue. There are even games that...
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    Questions On Yinlips Ydpg18

    also I know there are a few other threads relating to this but I am more interested in the best option for the features I listed.