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    Aaaa - Extension #1

    I meant the game itself - it isn't on wiz openhandhelds page and the copmo website is a bit broken...
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    Aaaa - Extension #1

    Is there a way to download aaaa right now? Cause it seems that there are no download links on the compo webpage...
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    Links are dead, could you please reupload the game?
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    Paper Wars

    It looks like the download links are no longer working :( Could you please reupload the game?
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    The Very Original Current Listening Thread!!

    Again listening Machinae Supremacy... I always forget how great the band is.
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    How Long Will It Be Supported?

    You'll meet a wierd looking old man, who will give you his flux capacitor... After sixty years, you will be transported back in time and will give the flux capacitor to someone walking by. Done.
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    A Few Snes Roms Stuck At Title Screen

    Simcity 2000 worked with older PocketSNES... Haven't tried version 7.0 Edit: writed PocketSNES as PscketSNES - Typo
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    Ginge Wrapped Pnds

    I just had to! sorry for off topic.
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    Is It Worth It?

    Well, GINGE on pandora can "emulate" Wiz, so most of the emus for wiz work with pandora(for example, PSCX4ALL)
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    Pandora On

    Don't want to be considered as troll, but isn't it the thing what they've done? They put Pandora and gp32 to a article about biggest fails in gaming history... I understand what they say, only I can't understand, where they say it...
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    Pandora On

    well, you're probably right, but i don't like saying, that console that's not for wider audience is a failure... I wouldn't even put pandora in the same league as nintendo, because intendo is for everyone, Pandora is for old-school gamers and programmers. I just don't like that wired said about...
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    Pandora On

    They have to be kidding... They think, that GP32, Zodiac, Pandora, and call iPhone a gaming failure too... I think, that gaming failure means, when the company bancrupts, and there's no one, who develops something for the console at least every year...
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    New Portable Console From Panasonic!

    Well, even for some "grownups" think, that only brand with a super-cost, hyper-advertising and 10 things relased have a cool gaming system... Just they're interested in it, but if it's not Nintendo/Apple, they think it' shitty...
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    Portable 'docking Station' For Pandora

    I was actually thinking about something like this, but less portable, so it would have a x86 co-processor for some applications(they would need a support for it), HDD, DVD drive, and similiar things. Edit: You would just use it, when you want to use your pandora at home with TV out.
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    Wine Now Supports Arm!

    Well, that's a nice step forward, but i belive that Wine will be choppy as hell on Panda(And the main goal of this IS NOT to make x86 apps to run on ARM.)... And i haven't seen lots of apps for windows CE, so only mobile is option, if there is something REALLY interesting... And, when will there...